Veggie suggestions

iyengar21(z7 MD)February 14, 2008

I have a west-facing balcony that is approx. 10' x 3'. I'm already planning to plant some flowers and herbs but would like to add some veggies too. So far I have tomatoes and maybe sweet and chili peppers in mind but have no idea what varieties do well in containers other than grape and cherry tomatoes.

I would like suggestions from all you expert gardeners on what veggies do well in containers and also specific varieties. What size containers will I need? Also, when should I start seeds indoors? I'm sure I'm not the only one getting antsy for gardening season!!

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I had good luck with bush beans in a window box size planter. Also grow spinach in a window box type. I start it early in a clear plastic bag (winter sow). Works great. But - I do use new miracle grow soil for my veggies.

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If you read around on this site you'll see that almost any veggies can be grown in containers. I'd let your choices be dictated by your tastes--what do you like to eat? Make a wish list of your favorites, then use the "search" function to find specific information on each crop. I have the best luck with self-watering containers--search for instructions for homemade earth boxes. They really cut down on watering chores!

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With your spinach and lettuce, just take a scissor and cut off the outer leaves. They'll keep growing forever. One year, at the end of fall, I mulched my spinach real well, and that spring those same spinach plants started shooting out leaves. I had spinach in march.

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iyengar21(z7 MD)

Thanks for all your suggestions. I have decided to make a few of those self-watering containers. In those I'll put tomatoes and eggplant. I've also decided to grow jalapenos, spinach and bush beans and several herbs.

Thanks for the spinach suggestion veggievicki. Great ideas!

I have a new question now. While my balcony will be free of rabbits, squirrels etc., insects are another issue. I prefer not to use chemicals to deter them. I've heard marigolds are good for repelling garden pests but are there any other flowers that work too? Thanks!

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sumilea2008(Marlborough MA Zone 5)

I went a little overboard on my Balcony Garden =).

Its starting to become a Jungle!


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Insects are the reason I tried the spinach in the window box containers. No more slugs or sowbugs. I keep the planter up on a little plant stand and no earwigs either!

What insects gave you a problem?

Not sure if you have Japanese beetles over there. They've never bothered my beans yet, but they do go after my basil. I plant the basil in a round pot, stick a small tomato cage in it, drape the cage in some (bridal veil) type netting fabric. Works great to keep the beetles off.

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