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daveysevenFebruary 25, 2014

I've got a rather unique "problem" - I have a fifth floor east (and open to the south as well) facing balcony with floor to ceiling chain link (originally to keep a child safe). My bedroom window opens onto the balcony, and since I'm above the buildings to the east, I get sun as soon as it rises. I'd like to plant something in containers (obviously) that will spread over the chain link quickly and screen the bedroom window so I can leave the windows and shades open on summer mornings.

I've had great success with Bitter Melon, but would like other suggestions. There is some five leaved Akebia in a container at one end, but I'm not sure it's going to make it through this winter - the porch is more or less open to north winds and lake winds in Chicago. What I want is thick foliage, quick growing (fruits or flowers are a nice plus) and not necessarily perennial, since the porch is exposed.

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I think Mornng Glories will do well. They are very hardy, grows quickly, and in no time it can provide a nice screen of beautiful leaves and flowers for your bedroom window. I grow them in Chicago every year and they bloom all the way to the Fall.

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Thunbergia - Brown eyed susan vine are my favorite.
Sweet peas if you like the scent

Hops will definitely grow fast and cover just about anything as long as you understand they are heavy feeders who like good drainage. Watched my neighbor's plant cover roughly 20 feet in a summer.

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I like the idea of hops, thank you (and for the other suggestions as well). How big of a container would one need for hops, though?

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Scarlet runner beans have bright red flowers and the beans are edible, either when very young as green beans or when fully mature as dried beans.

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Another great grower is the Hyacinth Bean Vine, although the beans are toxic. I've grown the Ruby Moon, I love the color on the flower & the bean.

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I've grown yard-long beans in the past, other varieties sound like a good option as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I've got hops doing well and morning glories and moonflowers as well as my usual bitter melon/gourd and some beans. Thanks for all the good suggestions.

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Ninkasi(6ish Germany)

Next year try a clematis!

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