Size pots for tomatoes?

aker(7)March 1, 2008


What size pot should I use for the following tomato varieties? I plan on just one plant per pot. They will be growing on my balcony. What type of soil should I use? Should I add any manures?

Tomato Balcony yellow

Tomato Totem F1 hybrid

Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty.

Thank you :-)


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A five gallon container filled with compost, with holes in the bottom along with some rock/gravel and some stakes to hold the plants up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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istara(Sydney, Australia)

I am using 400m plastic pots (see below) and so far having superb results, the fruits are just coming in. I am growing Tommy Toe and Reisen heirloom tomatoes.

I have used organic potting mixture with a good scoop (half a heaped trowel) of organic blood and bone in. I have also added potassium sulphate. I water at least every other day, and use an organic seaweed based fertiliser.

If you're not into organic then it will probably be even easier, there are so many fertilisers and products aimed specifically at tomatoes.

You might want to consider mulching the soil like I have, it helps water retention and also stops the top of the dark potting mix from absorbing too much heat, so the roots are a bit cooler. Also putting pots inside other pots helps (though I haven't done this due to space/weight concerns). My mulch is sugarcane, I wanted lucerne but couldn't find any at the time.

You can also see from my photo that there some of the "spare" tomato seedlings are growing vigorously in what were supposed to be intermediate pots, since I ran out of space for more big ones. I was going to give them away or plant them somewhere, but a couple that I planted in a garden bed earlier are so tiny by comparion that I'm leaving them in their pots, and have put canes in for them to grow up. One of them is absolutely covered with flowers and small green tomatoes.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Good Life 2.0

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