Balcony jasmine growers?

tarryah_txgal(8a-b TX)March 18, 2004

Anyone grow any type of Jasmine from balcony/containers?

Have always kept a variety of flowers on mine, other than poking around my dads garden when I was a youngster, Ive always done containers.

This year Im trying some jasmine, Carolina Jasmine (gelsemium sempervirens), and Pink Jasmine (jasminum polyanthum) both smell just wonderful. Pink seems to grow a little more unruly, where as the Carolina seems to train pretty well against itself up the spike.

Just wondered if anyone else has tried from a container/balcony position. Im hoping to have success with them, they are both fairly hardy plants, and being in south texas, and facing south, I get plenty of afternoon/evening sun.

With these and various other butterfly/hummingbird attracting plants, hoping to see some activity this year. We live on a fairly busy street, and hummers arent seen alot. So we'll see!

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

I've had jasmine sambac that I've brought in for winter. Just bought a Stephanotis (Madagascar jasmine) at the flower show this year (which would need to come in for winter here too). Just stick them in a location where they get the amount of sun they need (often jasmines like some shade or they can fry if they haven't adapted to hot blazing sun), and give them some support if they are viners.

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I've 2 jessamines 1 is Trachelospermum jasminoides and I'll have to check the name of the other one LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: to the balcony

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tarryah_txgal(8a-b TX)

thanks for the replies :-)

both my jasmine are doing wonderfully. Ive noticed them both growing new vine, and flowering quite well. The carolina jasmine seems to grow faster, it's already be come an unruly plant lol. Funny thing is, as we drive around town (austin, texas) I notice Carolina Jasmine is literally everywhere. Almost like it grows wild here. Needless to say I'm tickled pink with it.


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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Hi, tarryah. I have a carolina jasmine that was in a pot all last summer. It grows very fast, mine is in a 16" pot now, the biggest I can handle. It has hundreds and hundreds of blooms on it, just covered with them.

I think you will love it.

Jenny: good to see you. I thought you were gone for a while, glad you're back.

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

I would love some Carolina Jasmin seeds, if anyone has extra. I'll gladly pay for postage or trade, see my list.

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I have Nite Jasmine & I love it! Got it in a 2 inch pot a year ago & it went nuts. Tons of blooms last summer & they release fragrance at night. Brought it in for winter & it grew more but no blooms, but got several cuttings. I'm sure it will bloom like crazy now that summer is coming. It's now in a 12 inch pot & is probably rootbound.

JENNY!!!! Nice to see you back! Where ya been? Email me & let me know--if it's too private. I missed you.
...Anyone have this Jasmine? Thanks

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blackmons(z5 IL)

What is the best blooming jasmine for zone 5?

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Jasmines need protection. Be careful of the wind and the rain coz the jasmine flowers are vulnerable. Last summer, after a heavy rain, all the flowers and buds were blown off the plant. Afterwards, no further buds. Thisis my experience.

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Since there are no jasmines hardy to zone 5 except perhaps nudiflorum in a well-protected location, you should just pick a jasmine based on flowers and habit and grow it as an annual, or pot it and take it indoors during the winter. Want fragrance? Go with j. sambac 'Maid of Orleans' Want a tall, delicate vine? J. officinale, j. azoricum or j. angulare. Want tropical? j. nitidum or tortuosum.

Take a look at pictures on the web at Logees, Kartuz and other tropical/houseplant growers, and see what sounds good. Bear in mind, though, that the bigger the plant you get, the less you'll have to wait for flowers. Enjoy!


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Shanta_5(Zone 6)

looking for some jasmine seed if you have any to spare

thank you

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I have a Starlite Jasmine that I've had for two years. I have it in a 12 inch pot on a trellis. It's about 5 ft tall and 4 ft wide at the top. Keeps people from seeing you when you are out on your balcony. It has done great except this year I noticed that after it started blooming at the start of June the leaves are turning red. I'm not sure what to do and would be devestated if it dies. Anyone know what's going on? I live in Seattle and the plant gets the afternoon sun from about 1 to 8pm. Never really gets above 80 degrees in the summer or below 40 in the winter. Thanks for any help.

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I have a pink jasmine growing on my balcony in a window basket gets agood amount of sun and tlc . I see that it has buds but they wont open and bloom and after looking at it in other places I noticed that some buds are brown like they dried out.The plant seems to be growing very well I have plenty beautiful green foilage but no flowers ,What am I doing wrong?

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For those looking for jasmine seeds -- for true jasminum species, I've never seen 'em; all the cultivars I know are grown from cuttings; I think you're better off looking for plants.

Gelsemium, or Carolina jasmine, may be easier from seed; I don't know this one.


sounds like the plant is drying out too much between watering; does the soil stay moist all the time? Also, depending on how hot your weather's been, they may be drying from hot winds or afternoon sun?


Do you have another name for starlite jasmine? Some trachelospermum species' leaves turn red as they get older, so long as you've got healthy new growth coming on, it should be ok.


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