Outdoor oven/bbq/firepit plans?

chopsMarch 21, 2005

I am putting the finishing touches on a circular patio, paved in old brick and would like to add some kind of outdoor fireplace or possibly an oven. The area isn't too big so any oven or bbq would have to be fairly small. If it wasn't possible to build an oven small enough to fit the space I would be happy just with a firepit of some sort. I'd like to get my hands on some plans or even just an informative website that could lay out the basic requirements for building one, preferably out of brick.

If anyone knows where such information exists please let me know.

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Kiko Denzer has written a beautiful book about building outdoor cob ovens (made from a combo of clay soil, sand, straw and water well mixed, often by bare feet) similar to the southwestern "horno" oven, woodfired, suitable for baking breads, pizzas, meat, vegetables, etc. If this idea is something you're interested in, his book is a fantastic resource. I haven't built one yet, but I have already made a miniature mock-up of a giant singing frog, whose open mouth will be the oven itself. I'm also hoping to use the cob material to make a low enclosure/sitting upon wall to encircle the fire pit area, but really have no idea if it will hold up. Wish me luck and good luck to you as well. lisa_devon

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Thanks so much Lisa. Coincidentally, I'm interested in cob as an alternative building material used in conjunction with strawbale construction. I will be sure to look for Kiko's book at the library.

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