This may sound gross but...

plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)March 17, 2008

We had to put our cat of 15 years to sleep recently because she had bone cancer that destroyed her bottom jaw. My daughter brought home her ashes the other day and we were trying to think of something to do with them. Well we came up with the idea of making stepping stones and mixing in her ashes. I found a mold on ebay of an angel kitty putting its paw around another kitty. Does this sound too morbid? We have made several other stepping stones for our garden with handprints of my grandkids so I thought this would kinda fit in.

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Actually I think it sounds kinda sweet. It is your yard. Whether you choose to use the in the stepping stone or to bury them under the stepping stone is your choice. You choose the best way for you to remember kitty.

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Yes I agree .. I think it is a great idea. I didnt realize you could add ashes to concrete mixture. What a great way to remember vs spreading over the ground.. in case you move to a different location... you can bring it with you.

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doggonegardener(Wyoming, Zone 4)

I have a friend that does this very thing with the ashes of her sledding siberian huskies. I think it is a nice way to remember them. She mixes the ashes right into the quickset and moulds the stepping stone in a commercial mould just like you mention.


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parker806(zone 8 GA)

i agree, this is not morbid at all. only your family will know that the ashes are in there when it is done. it is your cat so you can do a remberance any way you chose to do so. i think it is a great idea and like a previous post suggest you can always take it with you if you move somewhere else. congrats on the idea and i think it will be beautiful when finished. vicki

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:) another 'for' vote - actually, it's not nearly as uncommon as it seems for bone and ash to be incorporated in to things - ceramics, traditionally, where they can be added to the clay body, or finely ground, and added to the glazes, or used in a raku firing.

adding them to cement mix would be no real problem.

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Thank you all for the support. I finally received my mold and hope to make a couple this weekend. When I mentioned the idea to a friend of mine she immediately wanted a stone for her dog whose ashes have been in her closet for 5 years. She didn't know what to do with them.

My daughter works for a vet and told them what I was doing and they want a sample to show so if any clients want one, we could make them up for them also. I guess it is not so gross after all. Kim

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I think it's a great idea!

Count me in with those folks who have dog ashes in the closet, for the last 4 years. I can't bear to do anything with them yet, even though it's been 4 years. But I love your idea!

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chary68(z5 MI)

We just put our 15 month old German Shepherd to sleep today. He had Wobbler's Disease. I will be picking up his ashes next week. This is an interesting idea. Zeeder was my 14 yr old son's puppy. 97 lb puppy...but puppy no less!! I'm going to miss that goofy shadow chaser. Thanks for the idea.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

not gross at all. i will have to remember it for the future. i buried my cat in one of my flower beds and put a stepping stone of a cat sleeping over her - my other cat still goes and lays on the stone, 4 years later....

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Roseyp8255, that is so sad..."My other cat goes and lays by the stone, 4 years later."
Have you got another cat to be a companion to the other one?
Reminds me of our cat Dusty...I've read that cats' don't grieve...but I know better...when his friend, Velvet died, he'd walk all over the yard meowing so pitiful...We got another cat, he still grieved for a long time...but thankfully, he doesn't do that now.
Plant_one-on_me, what you did is not gross at all.
We buried Velvet in an old tool box that she liked to play in...Later, I wished that we had just buried her in a cloth, so that her remains would eventually become part of the soil in the garden which she loved to play in.

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