Watering Plants On The Balcony?

awestruckApril 23, 2014

I have started a garden on my balcony, made up of several plants in fabric pots. I have 2 balconies, and the one in the back I am using. The way I water the plants is to bring a long hose up and attach it to a soaker hose which lays over the potted plants. This seems to work well, however, if I have to start using the balcony in the front, I am not going to be able to pull a hose through the railings, like I can do in the back. I do have a bathroom which opens onto the balcony, and could attach a hose to the sink possibly. How do people normally water their plants on the balcony without using a hose?

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Ya know the water u waste while waiting for it to heat up for the shower? I save Arizona tea jugs and leave em beside tub and fill em with that water. For me, its about 1/2 gallon of saved water each shower. I like the tea jugs cuz of the wider opening. I also use the jugs to mix in my plant food.

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Ice cubes.

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I could get a watering can or a spray bottle, but I have been told not to 'water from the top'. Maybe with a watering can I can just water around the plant? This could be an option if it can hold enough water to water all the plants!

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Watering from the top is still OK, even if there are reasons not to.

However, having said that, if you like to take that precaution, you don't have to water from directly overhead. You can water from the side and let the water drip into the lower portions of the plant/soil, as opposed to the entire plant. It will be similar to how you are letting water drip to the plant's bottoms.

An alternative to the watering can, which is hard to direct the water flow, is to have a bucket and cup or glass and that way, direct the location of water with even more care.

I have also become a fan of the ice cube method for certain plants that I don't want to over-water.

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Wouldn't ice cubes cause the plants to be in shock or would the coldness of it cause trauma to the plants?

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