Need info installing arbor on slope (long post)

drhave(z8,9,or 11CA)April 26, 2005

I have an arched arbor from Home Depot I need to install on my entrance path and not a clue as to how to install it. The guys at HD told me to do something with rebar and cement. I've searched all over the internet for a picture or two to give me some idea as to what I'm supposed to do, but to no avail.

The arbor's main 'legs' aren't long enough to sink into the ground unless I'm only anticipating short people walking under it.

The path slopes down hill and faces south, subject to up to 40mph wind gusts....heavy duty concrete and rebar is essential.

Any links to and/or advice as to how I can install it would be greatly appreciated. (directions for a female with little construction knowledge please :-)

Here are some links to my photobucket album so you can see the type of arbor it is.

(just like the arbor upper right hand corner ,bolted to the fence and praying it stays put)

(picture of path looking out upstairs window)

(whole album if different angle pics will help)

TIA, Deana

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Deana, a picture of the arbor would be helpful.
Better yet take a picture of your Arbor, especially the feet, to a local building supply and they will give you everything you need and explain it far better than anyone here.
It's a simple and inexpensive job of putting down 4 concrete footings in the ground set with the correct metal flange on top for your arbor posts to attach to.

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

Tufaenough is right. Just make ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY certain that you have the flanges or rebar in EXACTLY the right place. If you have to stand the arbor feet on a large sheet of paper and draw around the feet to make a pattern to get it right, DO SO!

BTW, getting assistance from a helpful, knowledgeable neighbor might save a lot of frustration. Most the the guys at HD are just clerks, hired a month ago, and their main interest is cars and beer, not building. They will give advice off the top of their head without any experience at all.


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