rusted, flaking vintage metal lawn chairs??

karen64(6b)April 2, 2005

I was given some vintage metal lawn chairs, the kind from the 50's or 60's with the scalloped back, or seashell type back, and they are rusted and the rust is peeling to reveal yet more colorful paint underneath. They do not appear to have any corrosion since there are more layers of paint beneath. I'll try just about anything once within reason. Keeping that in mind, what would be a good method of removing enough of the rust and flaking paint to get me a smooth surface to work with so as to paint them anew. What is sandblasting, can I sandblast myself and do places like home depot rent them at a reasonable price? Is this the route you would go? Would a wire brush cause too much scratching? And then will I paint them pink or funky green,hmmmm? Thanks for your help! karen

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Karen, I refinished some a couple of years ago that had 5 layers of paint on them. I tried a paint remover from Lowe's but it would only remove 1 layer at the time, 'so much scraping'. There just had to be another way so I went to an auto parts store, got some of the remover they use to take the paint off cars & it took all the layers off at one time. I only had to scrape it with a putty knife. I then sanded it smooth & used enamel spray paint. The chairs still look great. Betty

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Thank you for saving me a lot of trouble Betty! That sounds like a great solution! Did you have any problems with the new paint dripping? I cannot wait for a rain free day to get started on them but at least now I can head over to the auto parts store and get the stuff! Ahhhh, I'm one step closer to my dream chairs! I'm leaning towards pink today! Karen

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Karen, I put on 3 coats so as not to spray it too thick, which will make it run. I used about 2 cans of spray paint on each chair. Good luck & post pics when you are through. Betty

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Blooming_annie(z 8/9, Chas, SC)

Hey, just stumbled across this question but wanted to say that a friend in LA just had her vintage chairs painted by an auto body shop and they look great! I'm sure that is pretty pricey but wow, they are so smooth and glossy and will probably stay fresh forever.

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thank you : )

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don't know if you've already got this project underway, but a wonderful paint remover, is Oven Cleaner... not just any kind, but the "Dollar General Store" brand (if you have those in your area... It works pretty well. Spray it on, let it sit for a while, and take a high powered spray to it from your garden hose. Don't do it in the sun, as it will dry the cleaner too fast, and will likely kill the grass if you do it in the yard... I have used this in the past with AMAZING results.

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Black_Socks(6 NE TN)

I wondered about Auto paint for metal outdoor furniture - cool. The colors in metal spray paint are so limited. Nothing funky about them...

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becca62(9a FL)

I just bought a couple of great old vintage metal chairs, with the paint almost completely gone. My sweetheart is going to sandblast them and then put on primer. All that's left to me is to decide what color to paint them. I'm trying not to fantasize about stencils and textured surfaces!

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I am trying to find these chairs - having no luck but I won't give up! Love to see pics of everyone's chairs! :-)

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DH used an electric sander on ours; we just wanted to change the paint color, they weren't very rusty, but he sanded off as much of the paint as he could and went over a few rough, rusty spots. Then spray-painted them with a "hammered" silver paint and they look wonderful -- so much better than the swimming-pool green color they were originally.

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Junkergal(z5 IA)

I used a wire brush then a primer and painted them a hammered blue. They are the most comfortable chairs!

Here is a link that might be useful: Memorial garden

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Flowerkitty(Z6 or Z5 SE MI)

In our area they have a pint removal service called plastic bead blasting. I heard a guy talk about it on a local handyman radio show. He said they can even leave the primer layer on when they blast. This was a few years ago, but then he said they would strip a metal mailbox for about 5 dollars. So you could try your local yellow pages, as the main use of this service is preparing classic cars

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Jen26(USDA zone 6/MO)

My sister uses an auto body shop to paint hers also. The chairs look amazing and hold up well.

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I have a glider/swing with matching rocking chairs, but was wanting to identify the year they were made and the manufactur. Any ideal where I can find that info? And I would love to recreate the swimming pool blue/green color if anyone knows the name of the color?

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WE bought a 50 vintage metal glider that needs painting. It had some rust also. I would liie to paint it back to its new 50.s color. It is a light green color. With a cream pie crust. Does anyone know what the orgional colors were? Thanks for any help.


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I have some that I painted my self about 5 yrs ago now the are faded. Taking them to a place to be sand blasted 7 then powder coated! This is the way to go powder coating does not fade & last a very long time!

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I need replacement frames for this type of chair. The ones on my chairs are rusted out where the frame touches the ground. I have found replacement chair pans but no frames. Or someway to repair.

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