Keeping Outdoor Cushions Looking New

raymondo17(z9 Sacramento)April 27, 2009

My wife and I just spent nearly $200 on outdoor furniture cushions, just the cushions! (I'll never understand why they can't put zippers on outdoor cushions so you can just throw 'em in the wash every now and again.) My question is, how do folks go about protecting their outdoor furniture, particularly the cushions? Do you constantly cover the chairs, only unveiling them when you go to sit down? Do you keep them covered in some kind of container? What's your technique for keeping new cushions looking new?

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I throw mine in the washer cushion and all. I store mine in a plastic covered container in the winter. I do wish that I had put fabric protector like scotchguard on my nicest ones before I used them because even washing doesn't get the dull stain out. I keep the dull side up for th ekittles and flip them over when company comes. They are expensive aren't they?
Good luck, let us know what you do and how it works.

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raymondo17(z9 Sacramento)

Thanks for the reply, Kathy.

Wow, do you have an extra large washer or something? I can't imagine squeezing a handful of cushions in our washer machine. :/

What kind of container do you keep your cushions in during the winter? Like a big Tupperwear bin or something?

Great suggestion to Scotchgaurd the cushions! We get so much non-human traffic on these things -- napping kitties, pooping birdies, etc., that they look pretty bad pretty quick.

And yes, someone please explain to me why a piece of fabric-covered foam is so darn expensive??? At least allow us to unzip 'em and throw them in the wash! Great googalie moogalie!

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I keep my outdoor chairs/cushions covered in a plastic-y shower cap-type thing until I'm ready to use them. It seems inconvenient until I remember how much it costs to replace the cushions.

In the winter I store the cushions in a dry, cool place (my garage) but I don't store them in plastic bins or bags because any moisture in the cushions will get trapped and result in mold.

Most outdoor cushions can withstand a blast from the water hose to clean off dust, fur, poop, etc.

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raymondo17(z9 Sacramento)

I don't suppose you remember where you got your plastic-y shower cap-type things?

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We use to live in Northern Nevada where the sun was very intense. When we moved to Southern Oregon, and put the chairs on our new covered porch, I saw how faded out the cushions were and the fabric was disintigrating. We were just going to buy new cushions for them until we saw the price. OUCH!! I make slip-on covers for our throw pillows on the couch, so I made some BIG slip-ons for the lawn chairs. Since the foam was still in good condition, all I had to buy was the material, which cost about $30 for all four chairs. I also sprayed them with scotch guard. I like the material that I picked out better than the limited patterns you have in the lawn department. Hope this helps

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I just made new slipcovers from mine out of pretty sheets and made them pillowcase style so i could take them off and wash them when needed.I made them longer than needed so i can tuck the end under.I need to make new ones this year,and i already have the fabric.Remember the old barkcloth type fabrics from the 60's,70's?? I found a whole bed set at a senior garage sale .It has the duvet,shams,and is a very pretty Hawaiian type print.Gotit all for 7.00.

With things like this you kinda have to think out of the box,otherwise it gets very expensive.JMO

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fleemo17(z9 CA)

Thanks for the suggestion. I received your email shortly after wrapping our dingy cushions with beach towels so I wouldn't be embarrassed when company came over. Last year, we spent the entire season searching out new cushions that would fit our furniture and not cost a fortune. Never did find anything we liked that was reasonably priced. Hope to have better luck this year.

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goodbyekitty(Zone 6 Wa/Sunset 3)

Nobody gets dust? Our patio furniture is located in our breezeway mostly because we don't have much of a back yard. We live up on a bluff with 45 degree angle hill. But even in our protected breezeway, although we don't get bird poop we get a lot of dust through there.

I want to put an oversized outdoor rug in, but holy cow! The dust! I have to dust at least once a week during the summer, which is a way lot more than I do in my house. lol!

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Try neoprene cushions instead. If they're good enough for wetsuits, they'll be perfect for the patio.

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