City balcony fountain--best design

roxcandy(z5 MKE, WI)April 29, 2005

Hi, What is the best (noisiest) design for a city balcony fountain (e.g., geyser, spitter, many levels, etc.)? I ordered a 6V 45gph solar pond and pump, and now need to choose my pond and/or statuary. I'd like advice from the more experienced.

I have a 4 x 15', 8th floor balcony and am most interested in drowning out traffic. I'm open design-wise, including classic, modern, or funky looks (not big on rustic). I considered buying a 24" by 7" deep rigid pond liner, edging it with stones, and putting the pond pump in the center (geyser). How does that sound? How about nice ways to dress it up? I'm open to your suggestions and ideas ... both decoratively, and what will make good noise in a small space.

Wind can get extreme, so my only real requirement is that the feature not be top-heavy. Thanks!

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

I would be concerned with the weight of a water feature on a balcony.Have you checked to see if the balcony is sufficently supported to allow for this? I would deffinitely check the building code before adding the fountain..........Lillie

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roxcandy(z5 MKE, WI)

I know I need to be sensitive to weight. The 24 x 7" pond liner holds 13G, for a total of less than 130 pounds. I would not go heavier than that. I also saw some cascading designs that you fill, where not visible, with aluminum cans, pottery, or other lightweight fill.

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