aluminum garden gate finial

littledog(z7 OK)April 19, 2005

I recently rescued a swell cast aluminum Cocker Spaniel from the chain link fence gate where he'd been for about 50 years. (the house is coming down at the end of this month, and I couldn't let them haul such a neat little dog to the dump) He's since been mounted on my front gate where he can keep an eye on the comings and goings here.

He got me thinking; when was a child in Virginia, it seemed like almost everyone had some neat-o cast gate finial. (except us, we just had those dumb old curliques) These were not mounted on a post, but rather, on the gate itself to dress up an otherwise drab chain link fence. Along with the Cocker Spaniel, I can recall seeing a German Shepherd, a horse with a rider, and a Borzoi. Are there others, and what are they really called?

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Nobody knows what these are called? I impaled myself on our cocker head thing on the fence gate when I was a wee pup trying to escape from my horrid brother and the gate was locked.What are these called? I wish I could find them myself.

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Clare(z6 MO)

I'd call them finials, too, but maybe there's another name. A fence company in my neighborhood has several of these displayed with their fence samples. You could phone a fence company to ask about them.

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littledog(z7 OK)

Clare, what is the name of that fence company? Are they the real cast meatl ones? What styles/designs do they have?

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My next-door neighbor has the cocker spaniel on his chain link gate! Makes me smile everytime I glance over into his yard and see it.

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