What color should I paint patio furniture?

kitchen4usApril 7, 2008

Perhaps I should post this on another forum, just wanted your opinion on what color you would paint some patio furniture (chairs and table). The chairs look like rod iron but are probably not, and need to be painted. I was hoping to spray them, not sure if they should be primed as well.

Some thoughts...recently I saw an outdoor cafe at a nice hotel that had white rod iron looking furniture with forest green cushions and forest green umbrellas. It looked very nice - very striking, in fact. Just wondering if you think the white outdoor furniture if sealed right would be hard to keep up. The chairs I bought are currently black, but either way they need to be refinished. Thanks for any feedback.

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I like cobalt blue, white, and forest green for wrought, cast, and bar-stock iron furniture. and personally, I prefer the satin finish to the high-gloss.

depending on the health of the iron (if the rust is built up to the point of bubbling and flaking, for instance) Rustoleum's made a career of 'no fuss' metal painting, and their paints are self-priming to a degree.

that being said - spray paint is far easier to apply, but you'll need to recoat it four or five times to get something even close to as solid a coat as you'll get with one brushed-on layer. if the furniture is relatively simple, I'd go with their enamels in cans, and a disposable brush.

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I had a friend who recycled his old dining tables and furniture as patio furniture and I have to say that it worked out for him rather well as it added a rustic look to his garden.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I have old wrought iron furniture. It is hard to change the color without some serious work. You need to sand well and be sure to get rid of any rust or at least use a rust inhibiting primer after sanding. I have always gone from one dark color to another (brown, green, black). I don't know about going from black to white. I have heard people say they have taken pieces to places to have them powder coated and one person suggested a car painting company as an option if you can get them to do it for you. I have considered asking the body shop guys who have fixed our cars when they needed body work. haven't yet because they are always so busy.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Just saw the date of the OP. Sorry-didn't realize someone had revived the thread! :)

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