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edithgApril 26, 2008

hi all, i recently moved to the north of spain and live in apartment with small balcony. it is first time i have balcony space to garden- versus loads of yards... anyway, we are very close to the sea and sometimes the winds can be very strong. i have planted geraniums, morning glories and ivy in window boxes, but i'd like something to cascade down and resist the wind. we get no frost here, but the wind is no fun. i also have small herb garden, some pansies and petunias. one cherry tomato. my space is very limited, but i am looking forward for any advice and suggestion on how to make it more like a "Garden". thanks!

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Can you get a licorce plant there? I really like the way they cascade down. Portaluca can do this too but need a lot of sun.

On the space issues, a way to maximize height is to nest three different-sized pots within one another. First, fill them with soil, being sure to compact the centre of each pot, then place the biggest on ein the bottom, the next size up in the middle and the smallest on top. Secure the containers by running a length of 2.5 cm pipe through the drainage holes.

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