Use for an umbrella

spiritualMay 21, 2005

I purchased a table with an umbrella. Nice but now the umbrella is not needed due to a gazebo that now contains the table.

Does anyone have any ideas for using this thing in the garden?? I have a wild imagination when it comes to these things, but this one has got me stumped,,,,,,,,



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You could use it like a trellis for a growing vine,either with or without the fabric on it. I would personally take the fabric off and try planting it for a vine....
hope this helps....i`m sure others will have advice....

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look up 'umbrella tuteur' and you will see ideas

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

I would have a hard time using a good umbrella for a trellis. I use mine with an umbrella stand. there is always a place where you work in a garden or yard that you must get the work done but could use a shade....or a place where GK want to play.

Is it a single metal spine type or a wooden many piece one?
If it has metal spines, you could make a great umbrella tuteur as previously suggested. If it was wood and old, you could recycle the top decoration. Cut the string off to reuse. Keep the metal pieces that you tie the string and yo will find a use for them someday. Mine had a small pulley also that could be used to raise and lower a hanging plant. If you cut the wire holding the wood lathe like pieces to the center pole, you can use the lath for all kinds of trellises. Oh and the part where the wire holds the wood to the center pole can be used as a pole topper also.

If it was smaller, you could replace the middle part with a copper pipe and make a drip fountain. tube up middle and it would drip down the umbrella and off the edges into a return channel filled with gravel...saw a picture of one of the forums here.

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DebZone8(S.Puget Sound)

You could put it in a large, planted pot for a spot where you'd like some shade but don't want/have room for a table. It could even be used to shade tender plants.

I read about how to do it in a Lowe's garden club magazine. I can't remember all the details but the main idea was to pour concrete in the bottom and imbed pvc pipe to hold the umbrella. Drain holes were incorporated too. When it was cured the pot was planted up. It was very cute. If you're interested, I can hunt up the article.


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