Fruits and Veggies on a small balcony

daisyfe(8)April 15, 2008

Hello! Im a very very beginner gardener with a brand new balcony garden that im working on. So far i have a couple window boxes and am mainly growing herbs and flowers. I recently got a jalapeño plant (love it!) and now my curiosity is going crazy about other fruits and veggies i could potentially grow on my 10'x4' east facing balcony. Any suggestions about reasonably sized and managable plants is appreciated!

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Why not tomatoes? You will need a larger container then the pepper, but cherry tomatoes do not need as much room. Cucs spread too much but you can try the bush type. Lettuce would be good for a window box. It depends what veggies you like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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I have three 4inch Celebrity tomatoe plants. Can I grow them on my balcony in a two food plastic container or do I need a bigger container? This is the first time I have ever tried to grow anything.

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dugswyf: It's my understanding that tomatoes need room for their roots to grow. I am not sure what size the food plastic containers are, but make sure the roots have room to stretch. There are guides online that will tell you how much room to give a plant (how deep the soil needs to be).

daisyfe: One book you can check out from your library as well is "The Bountiful Container". It lists so many things about what to grow in small spaces (like balconies) and all their various requirements. Also, you can save some room and grow more by companion planting. There is a forum on here for that topic, and the book I suggested has some recommendations. You can basically grow most anything in a container... I have a deck that is a similar size as yours (about 11x3) and I am growing a dwarf apple and dwarf peach, as well as sugar snap peas, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries so far. Throughout the growing season I will be rotating through spinach, lettuce mix, lots of herbs, cucumbers, white bunching onion, black beans, tomatillo, peppers, and some beneficial flowers to help control pests or attract beneficial insects (marigold, for instance). I am also trying sugar baby watermelon (the small melons) as an experiment. Through combining plants in one container and rotation, I am hoping to have produce into the early fall. Another forum on here you may want to check out is the "container gardening" forum.

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dugswyf, I have found some seed companies that specialize in tomatoes. I've learned a lot! Some varieties will grow in even 4" pots. If you look around for that variety you'll probably get some recommendations about pot size. I am going to stick with the bushier Determinate growth plants on my balcony this year. I'm trying two in a Garden Patch box. In fact, the majority of my planters this year are self-watering. I'm hoping that will let me water every 2 days instead of every day. Or at least they won't die if I miss a day here or there!

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thanks so much! lots of helpful ideas :)

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