sealer on concrete bird bath top and on clayn chiminea

birdnestheadMay 24, 2008

New to this forum, so my apologies if this has been covered already, I tried a search but I am still not sure..I need to replace the concrete top on my birdbath. I do not want to keep replacing them if a coat of sealer will prevent it, so what kind do I need, and do I seal only the top of the bowl or the underside as well? Is it too late to seal the pedestal, it's 9 years old.

Also I just bought a clay chiminea with a "faux stone finish" at Lowes. It is gorgeous and I want to keep it that way. The info sheet says to seal with a sealer made for concrete. I assume that I would seal only the outside for safety reasons?

Is there one sealer, such as Quickrete that works for both items? $25 seems steep for one gallon. If I could at least do both , it might be worth it. Thanks!

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