patio floor on the cheap?

Ruth_pa5(z5PA)May 31, 2005

Any suggestions for replacing/covering a badly cracked concrete floor? We were planning on laying down sand and putting pavers over it, but our budget is quickly being eaten up by the structure over the area. (Pictures later.)The floor will be under roof.

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Ann_in_Houston(z9 Houston)

Go to one of those giant stores that sell tile, and get a square or two each payday. They have rough travertine (not slippery)in giant tiles, so you wouldn't have to buy so many separate tiles. We want a travertine floor, but it is too much to do at once. I am going to try to talk DH into it, and if he doesn't go for it, I'll just go buy them.

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If the floor is pretty much level even though it is cracked, how about painting it to look like stones or concrete pavers? You could use the cracks as the outlines of the "stones" and even add more outlines with paint.


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hyperdoggie(z 7 SE NM)

Instead of buying the pavers, have you thought about getting a "Walkmaker" and using quickrete to make the pavers? They come in a number of patterns, and I think should be fine over concrete, but would be much less expensive - quickrete is about $3 a bag here, and one bag makes a 2x2 ft. area plus a little extra. I did my back patio with the brick pattern last year, and it is wonderful ... but it was a lot of work.


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BrendaStr(z8 LA)

Here's a picture of my patio area that i painted cause it was old and cracked. I used a walkmaker that i had and turn it over and used it like a stencil. I used spray paint and didn't cover it heavy so you could see some the concrete to look more like bricks. Just a thought and cheap. Brenda

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Nice job on your patio! What kind of paint did you use and how's it holding up?

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I would love to see a close up. It is beautiful!

My patio is in bad shape also. A neigbhor spilled iron something used to fertilize lawns on his sidewalk and the stain has been there for several years. I was thinking doing something with that stuff, maybe a stencil like yours. I was planning to incorporate the cracks in the design making a flagstone pattern.

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

Quickrete also has a self leveling product. You can put a frame on the outside and pour it in to level. If you have cracks that are not level and are rising up maybe on one side, it would be the best thing....check with the home hardware store. They have brochures on it also.

I saw on TV where a guy used it on top of his tile counters cause he did not like it....and then turned around and used it on his floors in one room.

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pinkclogs(9 Central Fl)


I've found this thread late, but please tell, what is a walkmaker? Where do you buy it and what does it do?

We swear the former owners of our house MUST have had stock in a cement company. We had cement EVERYWHERE when we first moved in. The entire front yard was a cement driveway (!). Half the back yard or more was another cement driveway and patio. Teeny little back yard beyond concrete. Well, we replaced the front yard with sod (how I wish we would have bit the bullet and had all of the concrete removed at that time). But the back yard still has half cement--one big patio. We've managed to plant nice stuff around the patio, and put gazebo on top of patio (which helps a lot), but still have that cement eyesore patio.

I'd love to paint. Not sure about re-surfacing because we want to replace eventually. But painting I could handle. Painting bricks would be wonderful. Your technique sounds easier than another on another link on this page. What did you do? Mine doesn't have to look perfect . . .just better. I'd love to hear more detail on the process.

Room looks beautiful, btw.

Thanks for sharing!

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Here are some great ideas for concrete floors.


And Here
HERE, too

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We have a covered patio that gets flooded when it rains due to the grade of the backyard. We want to cover the old cracked concrete in an attractive fashion and are open to suggestions for inexpensive but good-looking (and hopefully long lasting) material. We are not hands-on people and would like to keep the cost around $500 if possible. The patio is about 150 sq. feet. Any suggestions or references?

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I live in an old barn that has concrete floors...

In the living room we have a 12 by 23 piece of carpet...but it didn't cover the whole area.

So I bought a large sponge and cut it into the size of a paver brick. I bought "patio paint"...and painted bricks around the outside of the carpet.(about two feet wide to four feet...) It is a high traffic area...The paint has been there for about 5 years and still looks good.

I also did it in my laundry/pantry room...with a back door opening there...Thats where we let the dogs in and also gets a lot of traffic. and also still looks good.

I think if you have a roof covering the area that patio paint will work good for you.

And it isn't costly at all...

If you have the could have bricks this year and rocks painted next year.


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WOW I just looked at the concrete stained floors...

I wonder if that is something that has to be done professionally or could it be done ourselves...?


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Monte(6-NE NJ)


Since this thread is almost two years old it may have been better if you started a new one. That way you could opt to get replies sent to your e-mail so as not to have reponses lost.

However I do have this in my "bag O' links" and it may be of interest for you and others. It is somewhat hands on but not out of reach technically. Simple tools and methods.

While I wouldn't use this method for say, a formal dining room, it could work for a number of other utility spaces like mud rooms or open prorches or sheds and such.

Pretty slick thinking for the guy who thunk it up.


If you go to you will find many dozens of pages on creating all manner of decorative concrete. Video tutorials, slides, suppliers all there. Great resource.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Forever Floor

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I posted the original message & the project still isn't completed but will be later this spring. We found a source of free brick 2nds at a local brickyard. In my files I also have this rather cool link for faux slate. Looks do-able.

Here is a link that might be useful: Faux Slate Floors

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