Garden Fashion - Long Sleeve / Long Pants

gretagretchen(ATL - ZONE 7)May 16, 2005

So it is getting to be that time of year when the sun is brutal and the bugs unbearable.

With my fair and sensitive nordic skin I'm going to have to invest in some long sleeved tops and long pants for gardening. What do you guys like for durability, affordability and hot humid weather friendlyness? I'm thinking some performance fabrics and maybe the "bug-off" stuff. I've got a bug-off hoodie but I'm not sure if it works because of the fabric or just because it's got long sleeves.

Also --- if there's a better place to post this let me know. I wasn't sure on the best forum.

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I'm a gardener and work hard out in the sun all day. I only use 100% cotton shirts & pants (w/pockets) & gloves - all light colors and a big brim straw hat that has a tie string to keep it on in the wind. when it gets really hot I wear "cool collar" and I made a "cool vest" that is terrific in hot summers here. I get all my work clothes from a thrift shop - I like Men's cotton dress shirts the best - look for the ones with a tight weave (hold it up to a light) they really can hold up. I learned this from the field workers - they may look hot in this outfit but if your skin is covered its like you are in the shade. Also, a layer of sunscreen on anything not covered will also shield you from hot rays - its amazing that it works like being under an umbrella.

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