Need birdbath advice!!

wannaflower(5)May 21, 2008

We just put some feeders out for the first time this year & have attracted quite a few birds. I'd like to put a bird bath in the yard, & have been reading various forums on the subject, but still have a couple of questions.

> The use of drippers seems to be popular, is it necessary or could I make a shallow fountain (water running from one bowl into another)?

> I'm thinking about gluing some terra cotta pots

together & using the saucer. Does it have to be glazed on the inside? & what is the ideal depth of the water?

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Fountains are fine, so long as the bowls aren't more than 2 inches deep (if you want the birds to actually bathe). Terra cotta is porous and would need to be glazed.


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We took the simple route.

1.) Find a nice flat stone to set the "birdbath" on.
2.) Take an old plastic saucer for any pot 10" or more in diameter and about an inch (preferably two inches) deep and place it on said stone.
3.) Take a few rocks a bit bigger than a large potato and place in saucer. (so smaller bids can bathe).
4.) Fill with water.
5.) Enjoy!

I did not have the old saucer laying around, but I got the idea when walking through the garden section of Walmart (I know, some people are dead set against Walmart, but their loss). It cost about $1.00 for a pretty durable birdbath. And you can easily add more for just a few dollars. When they break, recycle and get more.

Be creative! And have fun!

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or.....go to the thrift store, find a nice decorative plate and a couple of pretty vases. glue them together with GE silicone II in a pleasing manner. place4 in a nice spot and add water!

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Good ideas! I like inexpensive, different things. Thank you! I'm off to the garage, basement & shed to see what we have. :-]

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Cinder_Ella(z7 PNW)

I have to share my "almost free" birdbath. It's very dry here in the Summer, and I wanted to provide water for the birds, squirrels and sometimes even the passing deer.

The sound of running water will attract many more birds than still water or the feeder, by the way.

Took an old, watertight galvanized washtub, set a pump in the bottom with an upended pond plant basket over the intake as a sort of filter.

Used a few rocks or bricks as filler to raise the bathing basin to the top, and used an old mortar "splat" the mason left from cleaning out his mixer. It made an interesting, uneven sculpture that resembles a large cow patty, complete with flat spots and pools.

Assembled the works so that the water comes up through a hole in the basin, is forced into a waterfall by an arrangement of rocks, flows over the basin and down into the tub. It holds enough water for several days but I usually top it off daily. When it gets mossy I take it apart, empty and clean. Takes only a few minutes, and it's up and going again.

My deck has at least a dozen birds at all times, feeding or bathing - they love it for bathing and drinking, and I love watching them. My sister and I sat out there this afternoon visiting, ID'ing the species and birdwatching.

Would share pics but don't have a photo storage space. Wish Gardenweb would let us upload photos here. :-/

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cinder ella - sounds interesting! A picture of it would really be helpful.

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Cinder_Ella(z7 PNW)

Check out this one. I've been googling how to make birdbath fountain

Here is a link that might be useful: terra cotta with dripper

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Cinder_Ella(z7 PNW)

Ok, I broke down and got a photobucket account so I could participate more fully here.

My name, btw, is Diana, I live in WA state, and have had a very restful Spring recovering from a broken ankle. Made it all the way through a very icy Winter, only to slip and fall on the mud in the Spring early April. It's nearly healed but I'm still not released to do much outdoors work.

I hope this works


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh my gosh, cinder ella - that is great. You're very creative and the bath looks natural.

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Cinder_Ella(z7 PNW)

The bath needed cleaning yesterday so I took photos as it was going back together. Because of moss and worry about concentrating bacteria for the birds sake, I clean it every couple of weeks.

Every part gets soaked with bleach water and scrubbed before re-assembly. It never takes long for the birds to come check out their newly fresh spa.

Here is a link that might be useful: slideshow of assembly

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

Diana, your washtub birdbath is great! Love it love it love it! Now I know what to do with my washtubs -- also like that they're "kid friendly"... not too deep! I see you have a leaf casting on it too... great idea, and since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'll be copying it LOL.


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