Campanula doing well

bultman(8 NL Europe)May 23, 2006

I'm very pleased with how well the campanula varieties on my balcony are doing this year. They're great plants, coming back faithfully every year and putting on a lovely display.


Here is a link that might be useful: Campanula

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WoW! They are beautiful!

What varieties are you growing?


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bultman(8 NL Europe)

The varieties are Campanula Garganica Senior (the taller one in the top right of the photo and only just starting to bloom), Campanula Portenschlagiana (at the front in the photo) and Campanula Poscharskyana (to the right of the Portenschlagiana). Unfortunately I don't know the name of the low one blooming at the top/back of the photo - it had no label when I bought it and I'm no expert on recognising the different types.
I used to have a Campanula Carpatica Alba and a Campanula Carpatica Weisse Clips which bloomed beautifully but for some reason unknown to me they died off one autumn and didn't return in the spring. In general I'd say the Campanulas are one of the toughest plants I have and they seem to improve each year. I love that they flower for such a long time.


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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Those are pretty! I keep seeing them at the nurseries but keep saying to myself "Nah....". I don't have any room. LOL I did get some Virginia Bluebells as an early spring bloomer so I'll see how that does. They don't bloom as long as the campanulas and disappear in the heat of summer but I always thought they were a nice little shade plant. I'll see how mine do if I move them to a real shadey spot for summer.

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Can you tell me what sun exposure yours have? I'm Z8 in No. CA. and wonder if your European Z 8 is the same?

Do they bloom a long time?

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I was just going to ask the same thing. What exposure for these beauties?

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bultman(8 NL Europe)

They're at the back of the balcony so they only get sun for a couple of hours in the morning, however, as far as I know (but I'm no expert) Campanulas do really well in full sun too. They do need regular watering though, and dead-heading if you want to keep them flowering for a long time. The Garganica blooms March-May, the Portenschlagiana late May-August (though last year this one bloomed for the entire summer and well into the winter!), as does the Poscharskyana, Carpatica Alba June-August, Carpatica Weisse Clips June-July.
I don't know about the temperatures in your regions but here it doesn't get hotter than about 32C max., but mostly it's around 22-27C in the summer. You'd have to look up on a gardening website in your own area to be sure of the temperatures Campanula can stand. Good luck if you decide on growing them - they are lovely!


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