Solar light and pump for a birdbath Fountain

wmas1960May 13, 2012

I have a situation for which I hope some out there can have some recommendations. My wife and I are looking to create a small memorial garden for our parents who have all past over the last few years. We are incorporating features and subjects that they all enjoyed or that remind us of them. Among the items that I am taking from their old home is a birdbath with a small about 2' statue fountain. The lift wont be more than 36" at most and the flow doesnt need to be much. The statue is a child holding, I think, a seashell and fills the shell and overflows into the base of the birdbath. The garden would be out in our backyard, about 75 feet from the house. We would like to put a pump in the birdbath but don't want to run electric out to the garden. also, I would like to consider something that would allow some illumination in the basin and a battery backup.

All the fountains I see online have lift tubes and nozzles or floating pads. All I need Is something that will feed water through a tube connected to the base of the statue. There is a compartment under the statue to holds the pump, so, the actual pump can't be too large.

One other thought I had was a solar power supply that could power an AC Pump and lights that wouldn't be too obnoxious in size.

Thanks for any recommendations,


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Update: I just took a look at the statue. The height that water has to rise is,actually, only 15".

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