Have you recovered outdoor cushions?

marti8aMay 2, 2007

Our chairs have cushions with an odd shape & I can't find replacements anywhere. I was wondering how hard or expensive it would be to find waterproof material & recover them. The inside looks ok, just the outside stuff beginning to disintegrate.

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emagineer(z5 CO)

It depends upon how they are made and what they are made of. You can do a search and find all types of waterproof/outdoor material on the net. The simplest would be to make envelopes the size of your cushions and then sew the corners at an angle. Sewing ones which have cording or stitching across the middle of cushions would be more work. It can be done though using one of the cushions as a pattern.

Are they an odd shape length wise/width. If it is the length, you could find replacements and connect more than one together with interesting ties. If it is the width, perhaps find some long enough to fit the width and cut down/sew closed for a fit. Even round ones could be created this way.

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No, they are fan-shaped at the top, narrowing down where the arm of the chair is.

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emagineer(z5 CO)

You could still buy some square/round cushions that fit. Then use the top pattern and resew the new ones at top in shape needed. Much easier than starting from scratch.

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

You said the cushions were fine. Take one of the cushions and use butcher paper or newspaper to make a pattern. Draw around the cushion and add a seam allowance. Cut a top and bottom. Measure the debth or thickness of the cushion and add seam allowance. Cur a long piece of the material and use it for the sides of cushions. Sew one side of the cushion material to the side piece all the way around. Sew the other side of the cushion material to the side piece but do not sew the bottom. Put the cushion in (man have to fold it up) and then hand sew the bottom. You can use umbrella material or tent material. I used some material used to make flags or windbreakers out of. It is waterproof. Good luck.

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I just made some because I bought some great outdoor fabric from Ebay in the colors and with a circle design that I was using for a theme on my front porch. They were NOT hard.......made them in a day. Took the old cushions and took them apart the evening before and used them for a pattern. They had cording, but I did not do that. They were easy and turned out great! I had a bunch of fabric left over and made a bunch of throw pillows too. I was lucky though and bought some pale green that matched one of the colors in the circles, so it was easy to make pillows using both to contrast them from the cushions.

Just try it......and you will amaze yourself. I did....!!!
I was a bit leary and kept putting it off.......but since it was so easy, I am making new cushions for my chaise lounges and chairs around the pool in a quilted terry cloth that I will not have to fill!

Good luck!!!!!

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If you can sew at all, go for it! You can find outdoor canvas at lots of fabric stores, JoAnn's for one. I actually bought some for $2 a yard at Wal-Mart! You can also just use ripstop nylon (like tent material) cotton duck or trigger although it won't last as long. The fabric on my cushions were also shot, although they were just plain chair cushions, nothing fancy. I just made big pillow cases, slipped them in and sewed the bottom shut. 10 yards for $20 vs over $20 each for my six chairs...no contest. I'm going to use the left-overs to make cushy throw pillows and maybe a runner for the table.

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The best fabric for outdoor furniture I am told, is Sunbrella. They have beautiful patterns too. I have it on my new sunroom furniture. You can read about it at www.sunbrella.com

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Well, we temporarily bought replacement cushions from Home Depot until I can recover the old cushions. And then I got the umbrella out & of course it doesn't match. What would you do with the umbrella?

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

About your umbrella: I have never tried this but have read about it and the concept is very interesting. Apply latex paint. Yes, you read correctly. Do a search on this site for painting upholstery and see what comes up. Maybe you can contact the poster who actually did it for tips.

If you can sew and the umbrella is in need of replacement, remove it from the spines and use the old fabric as a pattern with the new fabric.

Or use dye, like when you dye shoes.

Keep in mind the stores are already putting out Halloween items. You may be able to buy a replacement umbrella for 50% off soon and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Just some random thoughts. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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I sew Velcro on the end so I can take the cover off once in a while to wash it.

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I just got done recoving a set of 3 cushions for my 3 seater swing. I made a canopy frame and a canopy to match! The Best place to get your fabric is at WholesaleFabricsInc.com!! It is either Sunbrella or Outdura at $3.50 per yard at 54 inches wide! Wonderful Fabric, Great Company to work with! I purchased more of the same fabric to replace my old patio umbrella! Just thought that you'ld like to know! I researched for almost 5 days to find the best. Water resist, mold and mildew resist. They had about 1500 yards left as of Wednesday of last week. REcovering the cushions took a little while but patience, attention to detail and perseverance definitely paid off in the long run! Purchasing brand new cushions would have cost me over $200.00 It cost $40.00 including shipping and handling and had enough left over to make 3 more cushions,besides the ones for the swing and a canopy for my 3 seater swing. This was my first attempt at doing something like this and am proud to say, "I Did It!, and they are Gorgeous!!

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I want to cover my patio chair cushions. Do I have to remove the old fabric? They are a little faded but the inside foam is in good shape yet. Can i just cover the cushion with a washable material? I thought about using towels with a zip closing and throw them in the washer when needed. Any suggestions?

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I made some a few years ago,went to the thrift store,bought some king size sheets and made pillowcase type covers for the cushions.I didn't remove the old covers and they didn't show thru.Easy on and off to wash.

I plan to make some new ones this year from a duvet set i bought at a yard sale,it's that old fashioned barkcloth and a very pretty hawaaiian type print.I got the whole set for 7.00.I had used it on my bed for awhile,but have since painted my room,so it doesn't go anymore and i can't waste it!!

My set is protected from direct sun,so no problem there either.

Covering cushions isn't hard to do at all.You can go to your local library and see if they have those "singer sewing for the home books".

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

I'm covering my cushions right now. Been pretty frustrated at the lack of options on fabric. Tried searching the company margaret listed above, and there isn't any such website. I've also NEVER seen Sunbrella that cheap per yard. The least expensive material I've found (and it is NOT Sunbrella) is $3.47 per yard at Walmart. Joann's runs upwards of at least $17 per yard to $40 per yard, and they don't stock the outdoor material in most of our local stores. It has to be ordered & shipped to the store.

I ended up with a large amount of cheap Light olive green outdoor canvas from Walmart, and I'm redoing the umbrella in that fabric, since it required the most yardage. The more expensive material will go on only 1 side of the cushions, and I'll make them reversible so that I can mix & match at will with cheaper material on the reverse side.

Hopefully I'll get this done before Christmas!

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