peony /tall perennials cages we make

arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)May 1, 2006

we have over 120 peonies in our gardens, so we had to make our own cages. here's what we devised: we buy tomato cages and cut off the feet just ABOVE the lowest horizontal ring. we cut squares of 2"?chicken wire big enough to just fit the circle of the top rung on the tomato cage.

then we bend the corners of the chicken wire over/around the top hoop of the tomato cage. then we push down the tomato cage low enough that the peony's new foliage begins to grow up through the cage. we then lift the cage to its tallest appropriate height after the peonies have max'd their height.

we also use these cages for other perennials that flop- like clematis integrifolia and veronicastrum and cimicifuga and eupatorium. the cages rust and blend in with the ground. hope this is helpful.

best, mindy

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lizziem62(z4 Ont.)

i would love to see some photos!

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Wow, how creative. I'd like to see a photo too. My delphiniums are always flopping over.

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mardee(z7 E Okla)

I would love to see some pictures, too! My dahlias fall over and this sounds like a great way to keep them away from the lawn mower.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

sorry, no as yet.
best, mindy

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I cut a circle of chicken wire the size of the footprint of the peony and lay it on the plant early in the spring before it's new growth starts. the buds will come up thru the chicken wire. Prior to the blooms weighing the whole thing to tip over, I shove a piece of bamboo (which grows in my yard - so it's free!) thru to hold the whole thing up. Works great and it's cheap. Only thing I'm not really thrilled about is looking at the chicken wire before the new growth covers it - but it's not for very long.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

eileen grow, i'm intrigued but confused. how can ONE stake hold up an entire square of chicken wire? does the chicken wire rest on the top of a skinny piece of bamboo? and before we even GET to that step, is it AFTER the peonies have pretty well leafed out that you raise up the ch.wire square to rest it on peony leaves to keep it from falling down?
thanks, mindy

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use2bcapecodr(z5 OH)

I use chairs with the seats removed totally or partially and old wooden ladders for peony supports.


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mardee(z7 E Okla)

I love the chair idea! It's absolutely brilliant. Yep - I think I can do that. My dahlias are grwing around the post that the satellite dish is attached to. A couple of chairs backed up to the post wouldn't look bad at all.

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