fountain base does not have a hole to hide cord

maggie_berry(z6CT)May 9, 2010

I bought a used concrete fountain from an ad. The fountain is 5 feet tall with two doves on top. The only tier sits on a concrete base. The concrete base does not have a hole going through it. It has one tier, a basin for the pump and doves on top of the basin that water shoots up from. My issue is that the there is no hole for the electrical cord to go through the base and plugged into the out let. the seller had the electrical outlet coming out of the side of the fountain with the cord dangling down from the tier. The fountain was a great deat at $125.00 but now I am wondering if I am missing a piece of the fountain or if some fountains do have cords hanging off of them verses coming out from the bottom. Do you think a piece is missing from the fountain? Is there a good website that shows where the cord comes from? Do you have any ideas how you would disguise the cord. Would you drill through the base. I am going to use a solar pump for this fountain and I can work with your ideas. I have googled my heart out, help!

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Around here mechanics have only two tools in their tool boxes, duct tape and WD40. Duct tape for fixing things that move that aren't supposed to move, and WD40 for fixing things that are supposed to move, but don't. And this sounds like a job for duct tape.

Since it's old I wouldn't take a chance on cracking it by drilling through the base. I would use it as is and just try to locate it where one side can be disguised so the cord won't be so noticeable, like near a building or some plantings. You can also run the cord over the edge of the basin and down one side and tape it to the base so it's not waving around in the wind. You could disguise it further by painting the whole kit'n'kaboodle with some concrete paint, including the cord and any tape you use, so it looks like it's supposed to be there.

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Seamommy, You are the Best!!! Duct tape rules!!! I wish you could see the smile on my face. I have been so discouraged that the whole thing is laying in sections on my compost pile. I wanted the fountain for the center piece of my rose garden so there is no wall or planting that would work to hide the cord coming off the fountain. But some duct tape and some creative concrete painting and I am good to go. Thank You!!!

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Does your fountain have a drain hole and a rubber plug in the drain hole? They actually make a split rubber drain plug that a submersible pump cord goes through and seals tight so the water doesn't leak out. In my case, I found the manufacturer and was able to get a replacement drain plug from them.

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Yes! The whole thing is still on the compost pile and I decided to look at it again today. I am going to see if I can get a split rubber drain plug. Thank you very much for the suggestion!

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