Where to buy base for fountain I'm building?

ilovegardening(10a San Gabriel Valley of L.A.)May 19, 2010

I need a rectangular base for a patio fountain I'm planning to build, but I'm not having any luck finding what I need. I came close the other day at an outdoor pottery store, but what they had was too shallow--it was actually a planter saucer, but would've worked great had it been 2-3" deeper.

I'm not set on a specific size or material, as long as the material is safe for wildlife (and not plastic). I'm picturing something around 4' long by 18" wide, but the actual size is negotiable. It will sit directly on the patio floor.

The depth should only be about 6 inches--I don't want a deep base as that's just not the look I'm going for. So the base of this pre-made fountain, for example, would be way too deep (16").

Any ideas where I should look? Thanks.

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You might try doing some research on making your own. Try searching on the hypertufa forum.

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Hi--did you find (or make) a base for your fountain? To make a concrete base, check out the books (or classes) by Sherri Warner Hunter--she does a lot of work with concrete sculpture and probably has instructions in one of her books for making something you could use. Also, there's a store in the Bay Area called The Urban Farmer Store that sells lots of stuff for fountains. They have a catalog on water features--maybe there's something there you could use. I am starting to look into making a fountain for my garden as well so I'd love to get any info you can share.

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If you are in the San Fernando Valley there is a place on Devonshire -17825 Devonshire St. Northridge 818-368-5171 & go on their web site 1st. Goggle Sig's Pottery & they should be able to help you. On the Garden Junk forum someone recently in last couple of months I think(dad had stroke so I'm not sure just when but since then) under birdbath, she took plastic birdbath & used whole thing as mold for a concrete one that will last & last. She tells you how she made it. So you should be able to figure out how to make a base if you can't find anything you want to use. You might want to check into another posting on that site as they had beautiful planters out of square cement pavers painted cost about $10 each I think & they were beautiful, 1 of those might work if you used the adhesive solid so it would hold water or if you don't want it to hold water but just hold the fountain could do it like they did it. Good luck!

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I went to Garden Junk forum & it has been moving fast lately. You have to go to bottom & click on 11 & when it comes up click on the 13th 1 down called "stone flower planters" posted by purplemoon Sat. May 29, 2010. Lady tells how she made the beautiful planters out of square pavers but for your project if you still haven't got a base you could get the large paver sq. & cut it & put it together with this adhesive. Once painted the color you want it should work perfectly. 1 large 18-20 in. paver cut would do it.

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