using old window frames in the garden

becca62(9a FL)May 1, 2005

I've just found a source for old window frames--$5 without the glass, $10 with the glass panes intact.

How can I use these in the garden? I know I've seen some cool stuff done with them, but am not having any luck with googling for ideas.


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I am looking for some to make a cold frame. Without the panes you could brush on a coat of outdoor polyurethane and make a trellis. If they are large enough you could make a folding screen. Hang one horizontally in your potting shed to use as a "pot-rack" to hold garden tools, etc. Or hang one in a porch or over your deck in the same fashoin for hanging baskets...


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nms19875(BC Z8)

I hang mine on the fence, without glass. They weren't nice enough to bring inside.

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becca62(9a FL)

Thanks for the ideas! Now I am trying to formulate a way to make one into an outdoor table top...

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HTH :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ideas for old windows

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I have seen on done with mosaics using stained glass that were really nice. They were hung simply by putting eye hooks on either side and hanging them by chains...

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I use frames all the time to do just that- frame something. On the side of a garden shed I will put a nice rustic wall planter and them an empty frame around it. I size the frame appropriate to the size of the planter, so the shed siding acts as the matting.
A frame placed down into the garden beds works nicely too. I have some tall grasses that a well placed frame will let the grass flow from the back through to the front of the frame.
Just play around and you'll find even more uses. I have even seem them hung between branches in trees to frame something in the background or just the blue sky.
Maybe a stained glass hung up in the trees would work too?

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becca62(9a FL)

great ideas, all! I think I am going to use one or two as a garden gate! I'll post the pic when it's done.

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Would you mind sharing your source? I'd like to purchase some also.

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becca62(9a FL)

Pam, I am quite a ways north of you, but if you are ever up this way, my source is at the Waldo flea market. When you pull in, you will see that there is a building with antiques (ignore that) and then several rows of booths, inside the fence. Facing the flea market as you drive in, to the left of the first two rows is a collection of junk galore. Tubs, toilets, pieces of fence, etc. When you go up to it, you will discover that it goes way, way back and there are literal tunnels of junk. This dude has some good stuff. Old lawn furniture, wooden columns, mantels, windows, doors, old doorknobs, fixtures, mirrors, etc., etc.

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Thanks for sharing! It is far from me, but sounds like it would be worth a road trip and I have some galfriends that would love to join me.

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becca62(9a FL)

Pam, if you decide to come up this way, let me know, and I can turn you on to several other stops nearby that would make the trip worthwhile (nurseries, etc.)

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becca62, Thanks, I will take you up on that offer. I moved here last fall from Chicago area and I find it incredible how *few* nurseries there are here -- I guess there must be fewer serious gardeners (?). I'm sooo happy I found the Florida Gardening website to get educated and meet other gardeners who love playing in the dirt. :-))

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gardenlady58102(z3 ND)

I get my windows from the local county dump...they have a site with all the good usable stuff brought in and post pics..I've made several trips for various things. Also have gotten a few from Freecycle...I love the link you posted about great ideas!!!

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Here is what I did with a couple of old window:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Hi Becca,
I am in Orange Park and now am planning a trip to the Waldo Flea Market! Thanks for the info. I wouln't mind the other tips you were going to share on nurseries in the area....

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Silver the windows and hang one on the fence where you have a beautiful view that will reflect in the mirror.

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Here's what I did with 3 old windows. I posted them in the Garden Junk forum under Today's Project.

Here is a link that might be useful: garden windows

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becca62(9a FL)

Wonderful ideas, everybody! I finally purchased an old wooden door for $15. The bottom half is 3 rows of 3 panes of glass, and the top is empty/open (used to be paned, as well). I'm making it into a garden gate to go under an arbor. I'll post more details later, as the project progresses.

Theresa, some other places near Waldo to visit are the Blue Star Nursery in Hawthorne (352-481-3300), south of Waldo on 301, and the Breezy Oaks Nursery (352-481-3795) outside of Hawthorne, a couple miles east of the intersection of 301 and Hwy 20, on Hwy 20. Both are lovely nurseries, but very different. Also near Waldo is the Herb Garden nursery in Melrose on Hwy 26, but I'm not sure what their hours are. You can call them at (352) 475-5475. There is also the Greathouse Butterfly Farm on Hwy 26, between Melrose and Orange Heights.
Another wonderful place to visit in the area is Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' old home place, which is now a state park on Orange Lake in Cross Creek.

The restaurant The Yearling in Cross Creek is absolutely stellar ( ), as is the Blue Water Bay Restaurant in Melrose ( ), where they grow their own herbs! The Friday night seafood buffet is just unbelievable. I am a very picky restuarant goer (because it is rare I find a place that can cook better than I do), and I am telling you, I've had company from Seattle and Chicago who were very impressed with the cuisine at both these places.

All these places are in east Alachua County or just over the county line in Putnam County. You wouldn't even have to go through Gainesville. If you wanted to make a weekend of it, you could find a bed and breakfast in Micanopy or Melrose . Micanopy is famous for its antique shops, but I find it pricey. Quaint little town, though. Oh yeah, Crone's Cradle Conserve is in Citra, just south of Alachua County and Cross Creek, in Marion County

If you wanted to make a weekend of it, and also go into G-ville, there is the Kanapaha Gardens there, and to the west, in Newberry, is Dudley Farm State Park , which I HIGHLY recommend! Also, a very nice B&B in G-ville, the Sweetwater Branch Inn, where I used to have the most delicious lunches, until they quit opening to the public.

Have fun! (If you were to check out everything I've suggested, you'd need 3-5 days, at least!) It's a lovely area of Florida.

I don't know what your internet search skills are, and don't mean to be condescending, but if you go to, you can get addresses for all these places, and then go to and put in those addresses and get the mileage between them.

Hope this isn't too off-topic for everyone, but also hope if anyone is ever planning a trip to Florida, it will enrich your experience.

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Just wanted to share a window we did. The top panes were broken out, but the bottom panes were still in. I put screen wire behind the window and we painted the bottom panes, and I have hung it by the back door in place of a wreath. Have had lots of compliments.

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use2bcapecodr(z5 OH)

How cute THAT is!! I love it!


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