Best garden starter kits

nora11May 2, 2014

Hi there!

I'm new to patio gardening and I have a small patio and would like to know if anyone recommends a good starter kit.
(preferably to buy online as I have no car)
Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Nora....All the usual questions...what direction does it face? Sun? Shade? Dappled? Windswept? Veggies, flowers or both? What are you after in a starter kit...seedlings, seeds, soil, fertilizer or all of the above?

I no longer drive but a couple of times a year I drag my daughter thru all of the garden supply stores and, darling that she is, she loads in bags of soil (I'm always promising I'll need no more), fertilizer, seeds, any seedlings that catch my eye, a myriad of pots and all the miscellaneous things I think I might need.

There's an online site called Novosel Enterprises
that I've used for a lot of my supplies and tho their delivery is high I find it worthwhile ordering once a year. I merely have a running list of what I need to order and only get hit once,

Hope this helps...

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There are a lot of great ideas you can try and good thing is you can find so many resources online for the best garden start kits. Try to check out ahamodernliving as I found great garden starter kits there.

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