How to repair mosaic bird bath???

squirrel_md(7)May 13, 2005

Hello all,

last year I purchased really pretty bird bath,

it has a mosaic tiles on the surface.

This spring I noticed that the mosiac is peeling off.

I would like to repair it. I am not sure what

bonding material to use, since some glue may be toxic

to the birds.

Thank you for your help

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What do you mean the mosaic is peeling off ? If it is tiles or plates it should not peel.


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the mosaic on the birth bath are pieces of porcelain, and they are peeling off with pieces
of something what looks like plaster.
It is a really beautifull bird bath, and I would like to repair it.
Perhaps I will take a picture for better illustration.


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maine_gardener(Z 5 Me)

For outdoor use, use Clear Liquid nails. It will stand up over the years under any weather conditions.

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how about the silicone sealant you'd use to repair an aquarium? If it's safe for fish it ought to be safe for birds too.

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