trina26(maryland)May 4, 2005

I am obsessed with wisteria. It looks like grape clusters draping gracefully from trees or trelises,it's beautiful.I've seen it growing wild, and in a garden, but my question is can you grow it in a container? Also, since it is a vine type of plant can you take a cutting and root it??

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

I remember a great website some time ago, where someone had a containered wisteria on their deck and it was about 4 or 5ft tall and blooming. Just last month, I was out a local nursery that had a bunch they were selling that were containered and blooming at 3ft tall. I guess I should have grabbed one, although I am pretty much out of space. LOL

So yes, you can grow them in containers (although they need to be suitably pruned to stay in one and reliably bloom each year). With respect to propagation, if no one responds here, you might want to check on the Plant Propagation forum for suggestions. I expect since they are a woody vine, you could propagate it like other woody shrubs. However it may take years before that cutting blooms.

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I posted a pic of my wisteria frutescens in a 18" container last year -- unlike the asian species, this native one blooms fairly quickly. You can take a cutty from an asian species and it'll root pretty easily, but you can easily wait 10 years or more for flowers! Also, w. frutescens is supposedly not as rampant growing as other species, although it still keeps my clippers busy.

You can definitely do a wisteria in a container -- it's a popular subject for bonsai -- but if you're after flowers; buy an older, established plant in a container and chop it back to size, or get a w. frutescens.

Mine's full of buds and will probably bloom within a week -- I'll post more pics!


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MIne's in a container and growing profusely. But still no blooms, 7 years later.

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THanks for your great advice, maybe I should waiting till I move into a house with an actual garden before I invest my time into trying to grow wisteria. Maybe by the time I'm 80 I'll get to enjoy the blooms!!lol

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I absolutely love wisteria! But it looks pretty ropey during the winter :-(

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rebelslant(SUNSET z5)

I have to share with you!
I too wondered if a potted Wisteria would work. I was trying to solve a specific problem. I have a balcony patio equipped with an overhang lattice and wanted to encourage some shade. I thought that even if the Wisteria didn't bloom it would be a good solution if it only crept and leafed well.

I live in Seattle area zone 5, and bought a potted Japanese Wiseria. Transplanted to what was probably a 10 gallon container (the foam type, good for insulating in winter).

For 3 years it grew well but didn't bloom. It is now about 15 feet long, and covers about half the arbor with leaves. Never expected it to bloom, but darn, this year it did!

I did transplant it last year to a slightly larger container, probably 15 gallon. Added just a little bead type fertilizer, but other than that did nothing special to disturn the roots. Did populate the tub with pansies, and othe weeds and growth sprouted to give the tub good soil cover, perhaps protecting from too much evaporation this year.

I couldn't be happier...even if it never blooms again. I don't know why it bloomed this year, but I do know that the plant takes a long time to establish roots and get comfortable. Just be patient and have faith.


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