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landscape_ideasJune 1, 2010


i'm planning to redesign our backyard and hopefully produce a decent looking garden. i'm planning to include some ornaments in it as well. unfortunately, i can't really allot too much budget on it, at least for the time being.

just want to ask if you have any suggestions on any affordable but really nice landscaping ornaments i could include? and any suggestions on what kind of flowers will make it look nice?

our backyard's around five meters by ten meters only. other than grass and a few shrubs, there's nothing much in it yet.


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Hi landscape ideas, I know it can be frustrating and overwhelming designing a new landscape for your garden. You should start off by searching other sites for theme ideas. If you go to google, and do an image search for landscaping ideas you should find plenty of great ideas. Here are a couple to sites to get you started Landscaping Ideas, and this is a good one for garden statues and ornaments. If you get stuck, please send me a private message and I will send you some pics of my latest landscaping project.

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