Best drought tolerant full-sun trailer for baskets?

alison(6b/OH)May 18, 2005

My upstairs neighbor has asked me to help her plant her front porch, and I need some advice.

It's a very open, south-facing, more-than-full sun site, about 8'x 20'. Weight of pots is not a problem, but water will be a little tricky, so the more drought-tolerant the better.

We had a very cool, wet summer last year, and she fell in love with some of the plants I have. I've convinced her that hosta really isn't an option for her, but she loved the look of the long diochondra, vinca vines, and Purple Queen tradescantia I had in hanging pots, and wants that look.

I'd appreciate your best suggestions for drought tolerant, full sun, trailing plants, as well as other good container plants for this site. She loves color, fragrance is a plus, and blue flowers would put her over the moon.

I really appreciate your advice. We're doing a whole overhaul of the space; fixing up a table and chairs, a nice bench, putting up solar "mood" lighting and some party lights. I'd love to have the plants be equally beautiful and easy to care for -- so I figured I'd turn to the experts!

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eviestevie(8a Central TX)

i love moss rose (portulaca) for hanging baskets in full hot sun. they are very drought resistant (actually native to the rocky southwest) and have beautiful rose like blooms. they are annuals so you'll have to replant every year, but they grow so fast, you'll have a full basket in no time.

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That's just what I was going to suggest! Especially the ones that are actually called "moss rose," not the portulaca with the needle-like leaves, but the one with the fleshy roundish leaves. They do need water from time to time, but will do well in the sun.

Here's an example:

Here's the other one:

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Oooo Judith! I like that pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

(no more room... no more room... sigh.... :-p)

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rross(NSW Aust)

How about ivy leaf pelargoniums? I've got one with hot pink and white variegated petals and it seems tougher than the usual varieties. Some of the flower clusters have a lot more hot pink in them, so it looks like two varieties, but isn't. It blooms all year here in Sydney and takes a lot of neglect.

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pewterdigit(z5 WA)


I would love to grow some of the yellow moss rose and just did a google search with no luck; only found the needle-like leaves. Is there anther name to search for? Thank you. Ann

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eviestevie(8a Central TX)

moss rose with the needle leaves are portulaca. moss rose with the broad leaves are also known as purslane.

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Blue flowers? How about Midnight Blue Lobelia? It's trailing and has beautiful dark blue flowers. Drought tolerant, too.:)

I can't think of anything fragrant and drought-tolerant. Personally, I love Nemensis for it's sweet smelling flowers. It's trailing and comes in soft colors(pink, white, lavender). Could she use a self-watering container?


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How practical are those self-watering hanging baskets? I've seen them at the garden center and they seem pretty pricy. But if it's worth it....

At this point we have some vinca vine, creeping jenny, hot pink ivy geranium and powder puff ageratum. (Not all for the same pots!)

I really like the look of the trailing lobelia, and kept coming back to it at the garden center. But the label said "sun - part shade" and I worried that it might not like the blazing sun we get.

We got the lighting up this weekend; rope lighting along the soffit the width of the porch. I think she wants to wrap some tiny fairy lights up the railings of the bannister on her side of the porch, which is obscured from the street by our little tree, but we're going to wait a bit on that.

We've figured out how to handle the water, by putting in a garbage can "water tank" in the corner. We got PVC pipe and fittings to run from the hose on the ground to the porch, even spray painted it to match to brick. Now we have to figure out how to attach it to the brick!

Appreciate all the suggestions!

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Here's a link to a couple of fragrant, blue annuals.


Here is a link that might be useful: Annuals: fragrant

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Yes, purslane is what it's called -- couldn't think of it.

I grow a lot of lobelia, but it isn't drought tolerant for me in containers, needs constant watering.

Ivy geranium does well in containers.

I have a lot of self-watering containers, including hanging baskets. They're wonderful!

Jenny, I picked those pink beauties up off the internet, would love to have more sun so I could grow these!

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pewterdigit(z5 WA)

Thank you, eviesteve & posiegirl for an answer! What other name is there for purslane with pointed leaves, like the one above??? Please! Would really like to grow it! Ann

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