forensicmomFebruary 10, 2009

I really want some 'orange profusion' this year. I was planning to start them early inside. However I was just reading on the Burpee website that they can be directly sown into the garden once the frost date has passed.

My question is, are they quick to grow once they're started outside? How soon will they flower?

I'm VERY limited on space to start seeds and if I don't need to start them inside I would rather not.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

If you need that precious inside space, I would think that your profusions would be a good choice to sow in the ground. I started mine in pots last year, but they didn't really grow that well until I put them into the ground. I am considering starting them in situ this year myself.

In the intense sun that we have here, I have found that Fire is the better orange. It's color is a deeper, more intense color to begin with, so it sun fades less.

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Thanks Donna. I will wait to start these outside. I'm very limited on window space and with 4 kids and a new cat that are all curious, it would make more of a mess then it's worth.

I'm in Zone 7a and the spot I have for these is full sun but is shaded by the hot afternoon sun, so I think the orange will be fine.

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What is the trick to getting these to be nice looking? Of course, the flip side of this is, I'm not entirely sure if the ones I'm talking about were Pinwheels or Profusions.

At any rate, they were rather spotty and the color was dull. "Profusion" did not describe the bloom at ALL. "Pitiful" was more accurate, and that described the bloom, and the overall plant growth.

My soil is excellent- amended with compost each year, and no clay or other yuk-ness. I don't have issues with regular zinnias.


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Sorry but I can't answer those questions. I've never grown them before. I just saw them in a few gardens as well as in magazines, catalogs, etc and I wanted to give them a try. Especially since I was looking for something orange and low growing to bloom all summer. I was leaning towards marigolds since I know those grow good here but I wanted to try something different.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I have grown Profusions for years, and in my area, they're about as carefree as we get. Your soil sounds fine. They need all day sun (or at least most of the day) and a reasonable amount of moisture. I plant mine 12 inches apart and mulch the entire bed with pinestraw. Last year, I should have cut them back in early July, because they were flopping badly by early fall. Other than that, they've never given me one minute of trouble.
One other thought....you're pretty far north. Is it possible your summers don't get hot enough for them? I don't know. Maybe someone else would.

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No, heat isn't a problem. We have temps 70-80 from mid-June to end of Sept & into the 90s for a couple weeks usually in August. Nope, heat not a problem unless they prefer a more constant string of 80+. Other zinnias with 'desert' names I don't have a problem growing (Persian Carpet, Mexican something...similar flower).
I'll definitely try again. I bought one called "Highlight" at Target this year. It's a short bushy one. And ok, you've convinced me to try the Profusions again...I still have some seed left from last year.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I grew Zinnia Highlight last year. Burpee was the only company that offered seed for it. It was beautiful. The interesting thing is it is exactly like the profusions, except it has a clear yellow (no gold) bloom. Habit, size, flower form, everything was exactly like Profusions. I recommend it highly.

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