Hose adapter to fit shower head connection?

tomtedbearMay 13, 2007

I'm tired of hooking up my coiled hose to the lavatory to water my balcony plants. I never use the shower in the guest bath and I would love to hook my hose up to the shower arm. I could just leave it attached all the time.

I've looked for such an adapter/coupler. Does anyone know of such a device?

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

I was scanning around it looks like a "standard" shower neck is 1/2". Hoses tend to come as 1/2", 3/4", or 5/8" size and you can often find faucet adapters packaged with a myriad of sizes and thread configurations at a local hardware store. I ended up getting adapters when I bought a Pur filter cartridge for my kitchen sink and that had adapters with it that let me use either the cartridge or my hose on the sink. Make sure to measure the inner diameter of the shower neck and the hose connector to make sure of what they are so you can get the right combo.

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We gave up on trying to find something that would attach to our tub faucet, and just today hooked it up to the bathroom sink. There is a kitchen/bath design place on Lincoln near Irving Park that may have stuff, but my husband called them and they didn't think they could help us. I can ask him the name if you're interested.

I will be doing what you're tired of - reattaching every time I water. And then snaking the hose down to the lower balcony to do that one. And then pulling it back up again and detaching! But it's gonna be better than hand-carrying, for sure!

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Thanks to both of you. I asked at Home Depot's plumbing department and I was standing right in front of it. It's a 1/2" to 3/4" adapter. I was going to list the SKU, but I lost the bag. Make sure the "gender" is right on the fittings. I hooked it up easily (you'll need to get Teflon tape and washers while you're there). I love it. It makes my watering time much easier. Not only do I not have to tie up the vanity faucet, the height of the shower arm helps keep the hose from banging on the floor and annoying my downstairs neighbors. The fitting is unpolished brass, so it's not too attractive.

I found a quick connect device that you could add to the above fitting that would let you switch from the hose to a shower head instantly. http://www.plumbersurplus.com/Prod/Alsons-750-Adaptor-Chrome/10135/Cat/868 Unfortunately, you'll need to buy two. This adapter seems to be for moving a shower head from tub to tub, instead of changing what is attached to one specific shower arm. You could instead use a diverter to connect both a shower head and garden hose, but then you'd still have to deal with the hose being in the way.

BTW, container girl, that store is Community Plumbing. I love that place--it's got everything. When my place was being built, I spent hours there fantasizing about what I wanted and figuring out what I could afford.

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Based on your posting, I also found the part I needed at Home Depot. At my store, in IL, it is a Watts A-668 Hose Adapter, 3/4" MH x 1/2" FIP. It is not in the plumbing aisle, but is next to the section with the hoses and hardware for hooking up a dishwasher and/or garbage disposal. Hope that helps!

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scottsdale plumbing has an adapter that fits on the shower pipe, it costs about 8-10 bucks. look it up on google, scottsdale plumbing. Lowes may carry it too but even if you live out of az, call scottsdale plumbing to ask where might carry it where you are, or call your plumbing store in your area

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nygardener(z6 New York)

I've used a quick-connect device for a bathroom sink. When disconnected, it allows water through and looks like an ordinary faucet. The parts were available at an ordinary hardware store.

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