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killiandrakeJune 25, 2008

I recently purchased a house with a massivly overgrown yard. I would like to kill everything and create a sculpture garden out back. How do I kill all of the grass and weeds so they never come back?

I want to layer the whole yard with stone. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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laa_laa(Sunset /8 or 9)

Here are 3 somewhat impractical suggestions...
My husband uses 'Round-up'. a weed killer.....which I dries up the weeds and then they have to be pulled or scraped up with a hoe. If seeds are in the soil...the weeds will grow again.
In Italy, near Rome...the owners of small plots use these large 'Weed Eaters'... a machine that cuts the weeds back to about 3 to 4 inches.
The best remedy is the easiest for me....I let my 4 chickens run free in the backyard, they scratch and eat all the smaller weeds, and then I dig out the taller weeds.
Perhaps you have someone near-by who could lend you some chickens for about 2 to 3 weeks?
I am serious about can be a little messy, but the chickens are very good about respecting your limits once taught...sometimes with a broom shaken at them.
Good luck....Lina.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

if you have anyone in the area with Goats - let them bring them and eat it all; just fence them so that they don't eat what you don't want them to eat. The other option - cardboard paper - lay it down, weight it down or pin it down with pins that hold garden fabric, wet them regularly, the grass will die under it in few weeks and the paper will just decompost eventually. You can find cardboard boxes in stores, supply offices, etc.

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Don't know how big your yard is, but mowing everything down, spray with the round-up until it turns brown and then laying the heavy black gardening plastic over it. Might be a little pricey, but you could do it in sections, until you get the look you wanted. It will usually prevent it from coming back, especially if you are going to overlay it with some pebbles, rock or stones anyway. Good Luck! blessings-sherri

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