Sowing Morning Glory Indoors

flowergrower_2008February 10, 2008

Is it true that to start Morning Glorys indoors, they should be started in jiffy peat pots or 6 pk cells, because they do not transplant well and what is the earliest to start them....

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Yes it is true. They hate being transplanted. I would not start them any earlier than 3-4 weeks before you set them out. They are fast growers. A good tip is to chip the outer seed coat and soak in water over night before planting in peat pots.

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I did one, I still have it from last year...

This was it last Feb

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Thanks to all, great looking Morning Glory (ninecrow). I hope mine come out as good, living here in the US, Pennsylvania!

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If you plant them out small enough (like just after they have a true set of leaves), they will take to it just fine.

I don't nick my seeds at all, but have either sown them into a 'near mud' container (winter sowing method- I used a deep deli-salad container that particular time), or soaked them without nicking in luke-warm water, and planted them directly (because I was WAY late getting them in).

And FWIW, I have grown them indoors just to decorate a window, and they do fine, too. (My setup is at the office where we can't 'attach' anything to the windows, but I have two spring-loaded curtain rods outfitted with a fishing-line web that is nearly invisible.)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i tried nicking them once.. total failure.. and nearly cut the tip of my finger off ...

the next season ... i just scraped them across an emory board a few times .... just enough to get through that hard coating ....

laid them on a napkin on a china plate a second napkin over the top .. and kept them damp.. until they plumped.. then planted them in the pot ... i dont recall why ... but at least i knew which were viable at planting ...


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seedsower(z5 WISC)

You can start them in small plastic cups (the size of dixie cups) and just cut the bottom of the cup off and sink the remainder of the cup in the ground where you want them to grow. Works good! Also, here in zone 4/5 I don't plant my MGs oustide until early June, and since they grow fast I wouldn't suggest starting them more than 2-3 weeks before planting outside. They do NOT like cold spells...

If you would like some Japanese MG seed mix just let me know I can send you some for postage.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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2 More seeds have been added to the pot as the one shown above is looking a bit sad... Different colour too...

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Seedsower, I really enjoyed looking at your pics!! I had no idea there were so many kinds of MGs. I have dark purple(everywhere!! :)) a pink one that shows up ocassionally and finally last year got Heavenly blue to grow for me. I had started the blue ones many times but they would always fizzle out, die and never set seed, but I was determined that I was going to be successful and suddenly last year they grew! :)

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