fountain pump size

dianedebudaJuly 16, 2008

Have lion wall fountain similar to Have mounted it on stone wall & want to put a semi-circular pool (30" diam, 8"-10" deep) below it. Maybe have the bottom basin of the fountain spill into the pool or drill holes. Bottom of pool to lion mouth (head) is about 26". Would also like to add 2 fountains in pool that spray water 5"-6" above surface. No idea if I should use a single pump with diverters or multiple pumps and what size(s). Pump that came with fountain (head 15") was Skyish TP-300 (flow rate 370, max head .75 m). Recommendations?

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There are a few things to consider when you purchase a pump.

Height that the water is going to have to go.
How much flow you want.
Available electric outlets.

I would measure from the bottom where pump is going to be, to the top where the water is going to come out, perhaps add a foot or two just to be safe.

When you look at the box pumps come in, it should say how high the water will go with said pump. A smaller pump that will accommodate your needs will probably have minimal flow. A larger one, more.

My experience with diverters has not been a positive one. I think you should have a separate pump for each thing you want to hook up.


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Make sure you have a GFP outlet to plug the pump in.


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