Fertilizer suggestions?

drew_dog(Columbia, S.C.)June 17, 2005

Anybody got fertilizer suggestions for tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash in pots? I am new to the game, so I'll greatly appreciate some proportion and administration instructions, too. Please try to keep it cheap, too; studying for the S.C. Bar here & don't have a lot of income at the moment.



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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

The amount would be per the label of the product that you might buy. The type would depend on whether you prefer "natural/organic" products like fish fertilizer, manure, seaweed, etc., or the chemical fertilizers like Miracle Gro, Peter's, Osmocote, etc. Many companies sell products supposedly formulated for certain types of plants like tomatoes (eg., Espoma sells Tomato-tone I believe, which is a natural fertilizer and Miracle Gro sells a fertilizer for Tomatoes and other veggies, with a specific NPK).

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marie_in_wa(8 (coastal))

I tend to do about half of the amount the the lable says, mainly because I'm worried about "burning" my plants. But they are healthy and growing quickly, so they must not mind being fed at half strenght too much :)

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drew_dog(Columbia, S.C.)

Thanks for the follow-ups, y'all. Can't say as I really care about the organic/manufactured distinction, though I'd go organic in an ideal world.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Drew - an over-abundance of nitrogen in your tomato's soil can have a negative effect on fruiting. You may wish to consider using leaf color as a guide to when supplemental nutrient applications are needed - it's a good gauge. A dark green leaf color would indicate there are most likely adequate amounts of N, and probably other nutrients, available in the soil. A swing toward light green color or a yellowish cast or venation (visible veins because they are a different color) would indicate the need for nutrients.

Good luck.


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As a general fertilizer, I like Rainbow Mix.

It is a good all pupose fertilizer.

I like it because it is good fertilizer. It is also made from natural sources and is registered Organic. Organic sources have advantages and disadvantages, but I like that it is easy to apply and less prone to burn the plants.

If you do a lot of calculations and have your plant leaves analyzed for mineral content, etc., you can get faster growth and more production with other fertilizers. I have a whole lot of bottles of plant nutrients and bags of fertilizers, however, I keep reaching for the bag of Rainbow Mix because it doesn't let me down and it works good.

For your plants, the Bloom Formula should work fine.

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