Plant for Eastern Facing Window Sill in NYC

Jeffrey SchneiderJune 30, 2008


I would like to plant something on my windowsill. I am looking for a plant that:

 Can stand up to direct Eastern exposure (no buildings blocking the morning sun)

 Is Modern/architectural

 With Year-round heartiness and interest on an NYC windowsill

Would anyone have any suggestions?

I am especially interested in Sedums or Grasses (the grass dying back in the Winter is okay).

Thank you!


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How about sempervirums? They can look very good together with sedums.... or as an underplanting for slim grasses.

I think it sounds like you have the perfect conditions for hostas. They look very architectural, especially if you get some in blueish tones and mix with some in yellowish tones or variegated ones. -There are many kinds of hostas around, and I've never seen one that I didn't like. -They die back in the winter and comes back again relatively late in the spring. so it might be a good idea to plant some snow drops in between them for winter interest (or some other plant that wilts quite early in the season, as the hostas' leaves will soon cover whatever plants are around, once they get started).

How much do you plan to water? Hostas need more water than sempervirums and most sedums.

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