My potted aquilegeria columbine is dying!!

kimdkJune 8, 2008

hello all, I'm new to the board and need assistance. A few months ago, I bought a potted Aquilegeria. A few weeks later, I noticed the stalks were dying. So I cut back the plant thinking it would help the plant, but now whenever the stalks grow at least a twelve inches tall, they suddenly die. I try to water it everyday, keep it out of the Sun and give it plant food, but no good. the stalks die off after growing a bit. I have notice small plants trying to pop up. Am I watering it too much? Too little? Should I repot it? any ideas?? Thanks to all. :)


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Hard to say, but it sounds to me that you may have a combination of over-watering and soil that doesn't drain freely. What kind of soil do you have it planted in??

You don't say what state/zone you're in; in my zone, I keep my columbines in a spot where they get good morning sun and afternoon shade; they get watered maybe twice a week. They're going on their third year and do quite well.

I would slip the plant out of the pot and inspect the roots - for insects and/or root rot. Be careful when removing the plant from the pot - you don't want to damage the tap root. If you don't see any obvious damage, do try repotting it, using a good, free-draining potting mix, NOT potting soil. Water it in well and see what happens. If it survives, try and cut back on the watering - every day seems to be too much.

Good luck.


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