Suggestions for a privacy fence on top of a rock wall

Lynn MarieJuly 19, 2010

Does anyone have any suggestion for something that might decorate a plain wooden privacy fence that is sitting on top of a rock wall in my back yard? I was thinking maybe something iron as I'm trying for a New Orleans look, but I am very un artistic! Or a mirror that looks like a window if I can find one. And where would be a good place to shop for outdoor art?

Thanks in adavance!

Lynn Marie from the Texas Forum!

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Well you need to go over to the "Garden Junk forum" which is where I hang out a lot!! Kirk in Wash. state just made a terrific potting bench with iron pieces & antique hooks. so that would give you an idea of what would look good on a wall as the back of his bench is high(yes, 3 antique fridge doors from days they were made of wood) Notice the neat iron hanging on it for decoration! Also best places to look for items for wall are Thrift shop(TS)is short version the GW-Goodwill store is another place folks look & if there is a Habit for Humanity store they have stuff sometimes from other peoples houses etc. YS or GS Yard sale or garage sale is another source for neat stuff or Estate sales. Some folks curb shop(stuff left by curb that people don't want)please don't make a mess of their stuff- try to just take what you want & put other objects you may have moved back on curb where you found them. We have a strong need to recycle & recreate & make beauty out of objects most folks throw out. Our landfills are too full already. Jeanne just tonight posted a Barnwood bloom & butterfly & it is beautiful & she often sells them. It is piece of old wood, a fan blade she made two tone brown & a beautiful brass butterfly with flower stem a hammered down curtain rod. No longer junk but lovely fence addition. There is an Album of stuff folks have made from concrete, glass, old windows, flower plates, totems of glass, tools, benches etc. So well worth checking it out.I think at top or this forum you can see "Garden Junk" & click on it to get there otherwise go to top where it says forums & click on that & go to "Garden forums" & down to garden junk. There are so many forums but that is my favorite! Mostly retired people & very creative. Also a discussion or conversations side so we can talk about personal stuff if we want to & encourage someone if they are sick or buying a house etc. Hope this is what you are looking for! Jan

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Lynn Marie

Thanks, Jan! I'll check those out.

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Lynn Marie

Here's what I did...

Here is a link that might be useful: Texas forum posting

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Saw your wall & the great "windows" you made on GJ forum!1 They look great with the mirrors in them! Jan

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