painting/staining concrete fountain

magauburnalAugust 28, 2008

Have bought a plain concrete fountain and want to paint/stain it for an aged black/brown/rusty look. Have heard of concrete stain in gallons from Lowes, but don't need that much. A friend suggested minwax wood stain. Does anyone know if this will work for a fountain with water in it all the time? Friend did planters and they are beautiful but not in water constantly. Would you need a sealant? Or would watered down acrylic paint with a sealant work? Any advice is appreciated.

mag in auburn al

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I always use artist's acrylic paint, a wash of the colors you mentioned, to change the color of concrete. Usually, raw umber, burnt sienna, and paynes grey. Applied with a DRY brush. It will not last where water will lay for extended periods of time, like a bird bath or the inside of a fountain. On the outside, it will last for a long time and even looks decent as it fades. You can use a dry cloth in addition to a brush. Be careful and don't apply too much paint, start out with very small amounts and build it up until you get the look you want. Don't just take the brush, dip it in straight color without it being diluted, and start brushing the paint on the fountain. It will look like - a painted concrete fountain. When the muted colors are dry, then you could go back and use some color from the tube to create accents if you wish. I've painted on cracks and veins and even greenish "moss" before. Be careful or it can look cartoonish.

I've never used the concrete stains so can't advise, maybe someone else will. Maybe you could get a piece of concrete and experiment with both, the stain and the acrylic paint to see which you prefer.

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