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bumchick(Chicago)June 5, 2005

I am putting up boxes on the railings on my balcony. I have direct south exposure 7th floor. It does get very warm and can be windy. Need suggestions for hearty colorful plants. Any ideas. I am willing to try both annuals and perenials.

Thanks Mary

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PVick(6b NYC)

Petunias! The waves and avalanche series are "cleaner" and can take a whipping. But any petunia would do - they'll give you continuous color all thru the season and beyond. Love 'em all!

Seriously, there are lots of plant you can use in your full sun boxes. For "taller" plants, you could use salvia, nicotiana, or fountain grass, for instance. For "middle" height, you could use petunias (upright types), sun coleus, dwarf dahlias, gomphrena; for trailers, you could use petunias again (trailing or cascading types), sweet potato vine, trailing lantana, ivies.

I tend to stick to annuals in my windowboxes, simply because of the overwintering issue (11th floor balcony in NYC); the (lack of) depth just doesn't cut it, unless you can take the entire box into a garage or something.

Someone recently posted this link - Plant-by-numbers. Nice site for ideas.

HTH ...


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I saw an old post of yours and thought I'd send you a note for some advice. I'm kind of new to this.You had one posts that dealt with actual plants to put on a windy balcony.

I have a balcony that faces south in a 5/borderline 6 zone. I tried nasturtiums because they're so easy to plant and mantain. They did not like the very windy south west corner, but did okay towards the south east corner. Have you ever tried geraniums on a windy balcony? I see them in lots of photos from Europe.

I'm looking for something that trails from my window boxes and preferably in hot colours (red/orange and yellow) Any suggestions?


How did you make out with your planting selection? Any advice?

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