bird poop in fountain

coralbells(5)September 15, 2007

We installed a fountain this summer and birds are constantly inside it, drinking and taking baths. At first I was charmed by this but now all their poop is clogging up the fountain, causing it to stop running just one or two days after we take apart the fountain and clean it.

There is no way to keep the birds away from the fountain but does anyone have advice for what to do about the poop, other than frequent cleanings. The fountain is heavy so taking it apart is quite a job. Would love to hear from someone with similar experience.



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nestmaster(5b WA-USA)

Providing things (baths, feeders, houses, etc.) for birds without having to monitor/clean them often is tough. I'd concentrate on where your water intake is and see if you can place a filter of sorts at this point - one that is easy to change out or clean regularly. We gave up using bird feeders and now toss our seed into a blue spruce - we couldn't clean the feeders enough to make them safe for the birds. You might even have to go to a different sort of bath/fountain that is designed more appropriately for just the sort of situation you are encountering (which, unfortunately, one doesn't learn about until after the fact).

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I covered the intake holes in the fountain with fine screening to keep all animal and bird poop out and leaves too. I siphon the covers regularly to clear them. I decided the fountain was for our enjoyment not birds and other critters! So, I put 1-2 1" chlorine pellets in whenever they disolve. The fountain is clean and nice and pest free!

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