I want to make a statue of myself working in my garden, how.

rolacoySeptember 11, 2010

I am working on a backyard flower garden, follow the link below. I want to make a statue of myself leaning on a shovel and maybe the guy that helped me with a lot of the heavy work.

I was in a train museum in Galveston, Texas several years ago that had several white concrete or fiberglass statues. When you set down beside them they would talk to you. I am not sure how they were made. Also we stopped at a really big statue, I think it is of Sam Houston someplace on Interstate 45. They showed how it was constructed.

I want to work life-size. What I would like to do is stand in the position and apply something to my clothes that would make them stiff. then I would have them cut off me, them reassembly the form and make it stronger by putting fiberglass or cement on the inside.

I have considered fiberglass resin or maybe plaster of paris. I have some experience with fiberglass and cement, again check out the pictures on my website that is listed below. (My Garden and SpaceShip Chair)

The faces I can mold with the compound that dentists use for dentures.

I would really like to hear your suggestions.

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google "handy goddess giant rabbit" This utube video shows how to make a giant 8 foot tall rabbit. I am sure you can apply the same principles to your staute!

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