Petunias - strange wilting of single stems

gbell12(NSW Aust)March 28, 2006

Hi GW,

This happens to me every time with petunias. Can anybody tell me why entire stems of my petunias wilt? Adjacent stems are fine.

Here's a picture of a

And right next to it, this

Anybody have any idea what causes this?



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Hi gbell12,

Could the wilt-y stem possibly have been bruised/pinched a bit in handling? Or nipped by something? Or are the stems intact?

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gbell12(NSW Aust)

hmmm... could be but i've been conscious of that possibility so i've looked for it...

i have wondered if the stems crimp as they cascade over the edge of the pot... should they be that fragile?

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Hi I've had the same problem. I just cut them back and give them a good watering and fertlize a little. They come back really nice.

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stephju(8 wa--coast)

Hi gbell12,
Your "wilted" pic. looked just like half of my petunias last year. Most of our neighbors had the same problem. The nursery person said it was probably a type of fungal disease. I am trying again this year. Will use one of the "3-in-one" products (fertilizer, insecticide, and fungacide). Everything is an experiment, isn't it?!

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I disagree with the disease idea....that plant simply lacks water....either because the stem is broken off, or because the roots are broken or it is not set properly into the soil...
And Steph, for a newly transplanted plant, putting one of those 3 in one products on it will further stress a plant already stressed by transplanting....did you fertilize your plants as you were transplanting them? That may have been your problem.
Linda C

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I have also had this problem, this year and in the past. Just one stem would be wilted all all else healthy. I just pinched the wilted one off. I water with a watering can and wondered if somehow in watering the plant I have bruised that limb and the damage caused the limb to wilt. I grow what my nursey lables supertunias. They are thick and get really large. I have to almost make room for the nozzle to keep the water from rolling off the top of the plant.

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I have done petunias many times, but I have never seen this before. I have the same issue with one petunia dying next to another that is appears healthy. There are all well watered, have plenty of sun and have been in the pots for several weeks. It is not bruising,shock, or lack of watering as some have suggested. I HAS to be some sort of disease. I am guessing it is fungal since that is the most common issue in these wet springs.

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