How to find value of Snow White & Seven Dwarf Statues

homersgarden(7)September 20, 2004

I was recently given a complete set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...all seven of the guys. They stand three feet to two feet high and seem to be fairly old. I would say sixties or so. One is broken, but can be repaired. I am not sure if I want them or if I want to sell them. Any ideas of the cost?

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You could check them out on ebay to see if something similiar or the same is begin sold...that will give you a start!


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Items like that will probably vary due to regionality and desirability.

In my town statuary sells very inexpensively, but go 40 miles north and it's triple the cost. Also, it depends on the area as to what people like. Asian accents, lanterns and Buddha statues do not move in rural areas, but in the urban areas they move like crazy.

Check on Ebay is the best bet, or check with a statuary manufacturer in your area to see if they've ever had requests for such items.

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Hi I was going thru some of this forum and saw that you were asking about a price for your Snow White and dwarfs.Well I own and operate a garden and collectible business here in Wa.I sold a Snow White and five dwarfs for 150.00 this summer.If there old like you say they are probably around the three hundred range.Let me know how you do.Linda Sue

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laa_laa(Sunset /8 or 9)

In Fresno, Calif. we have Christmas Tree Lane and Huntington Boulevard that are long streets decorated for Christmas. It is a tradition where everyone on these two streets participates and the public drives through at night to the sound of Christmas music under Christmas lights strung through the trees that line the roads.
If you decide to sell the sculptures, you might advertise them in "The Fresno Bee" here in California. I'm sure someone here would be interested. L.

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I see this is a very old post but i am interested in your snow white and the seven dwarfs, if you still have them or are interested in selling them please send me an e-mail
thank you

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I have a wooden Snow White & Seven Dwarfs coat rack with hooks. I belive that it is very old because I've had it since I was a child - before 1960. I want to get an idea of the value? Can anyone help? I can email a picture.

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I have the 7 dwarfs. I would like to buy snow white. Does anyone know where i can get a snow white garden statue? It is made of concrete and goes with my set of 7 dwarfs

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I Have the complete set of Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs garden set. Sold by Disney about 3-4 years ago, Its still in the box never been opened. I looked all over the website and the only thing I could find is Doc and Grumpy together for about 100. I wonder how much I could sell if for?

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