Anyone use Ropel to deter furniture fabric chewing?

chuckchuck(9)September 5, 2010


Some animal...possibly mice...periodically chews little holes in the fabric of our outdoor furniture, presumably to get material for a nest. Has anyone used Ropel to deter this activity? I am wondering if it (a) is effective at all, and (b) is safe for fabrics.

For the record, I coated some plants with one on those homemade cayenne pepper concoctions, and the very next day, I saw squirrels happily eating plants I had just sprayed. I didn't really think this cayenne spray would work, but I just think it is funny how spectacularly it failed to work.


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I've never used it on furniture, but I can sure tell you that if you get it on your hands and anywhere near your mouth you will never forget the experience! If you have it on upholstery and touch it, then get your fingers near your mouth, well, it might not be pleasant. I just sprayed plants with it this morning and got just a tiny bit of oerspray in my face and I can still taste it. YUK!

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