Have a question about painting a fiberglass pot

kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)September 7, 2010

I have a large pot that is made of that fiberglass. I am trying to turn it into a fountain for next spring, but I wish to paint it first. The folks at Lowes said I could prime and paint it with the exterior/interior spray paint. Hmmm... Hope it doesn't blister and crack then.

My question is... I am planning on trying to stencil the outside of the pot. What type of paint should I use? The planter won't be outside all year, just during the warmer growing season.

Do I need a marine based paint? Could get expensive, or can I use something else to stencil with?

I thought I would go to the big crafts/hobby store here called Hobby Lobby and ask someone there. But, I thought maybe I would ask here, because maybe someone here has done this sort of thing... painting a fiberglass pot.

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Might try going over to Garden Junk Forum & up at top where it says search type in "painting fiberglass pots" I've seen lot of painted pots. 1 gal uses paint & sealer from autmotive store for everything but most pots are clay tho seems like she may have done fiberglass, she makes license plate birdhouses & loves to get "curbside finds". We like reusing things to keep them out of landfills. Lot of interesting things tho they have shown a lot of flower plates & bottle trees lately. Good Luck! Jan

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