Birdbath base

kwajkid(No. VA)September 4, 2004

I have a lovely old birdbath support pillar that has lost its' matching birdbath. I'd like to incorporate the pillar into my garden or deck somehow and I'm trying to figure out just what to do with it.

Any ideas?

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Nell Jean

Round glass or acrylic table top?

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Is the top large enough so that you could just rest a potted plant on it?

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I have one too! It's an antique, cast iron pedestal from a former birdbath. I don't care to replace the "bowl" portion due to the mess and I'm not particularly fond of bbaths.

I have thought gazing ball, decorative birdhouse or amillary sphere. I have all three. A very large terra cotta planter (repainted) with trailing plants. Maybe a HUGE ball of silk flowers.

Is there a rule of thumb proportion wise? Now I'll have to go out to my garage and measure! LOL!


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doggonegardener(Wyoming, Zone 4)

We were looking at it from the other direction... We had a sundial that needed a base. We bought a birdbath base that was missing its basin at our local nursery and mounted our sundial on top. It's an idea. Maybe an armillary would work to.

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popmama Zone 5

I took an old bathroom sink that still had the drain pipe attached and put it down in the birdbath pedestal. Then i used plumber's putty to stop up the drain. Now i have a "unique" birdbath.

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WhtRos(USDA z5a IL)

kwajkid, I have a base with a solid top. Don't remember if the whole thing is solid but I think it is. Anyway I took a plastic pot with a removable drip tray and my DH screwed the tray to the top of the pedestal using a special cement screw. Those great guys at the hardware store can tell you what to use. I could also have glued the tray to the base but this way I can remove the tray if I don't like it. The pot snaps into the tray so it won't get bumped or blown off the pedestal. This way I can take the pot in for the winter or over to my potting bench to plant, etc. This has worked well for me for 3 yrs now.

Someone I know had a hollow base with a hole in the top and she glued a short piece of broom handle to her plant tray so it would stick down the hole and keep the pot from falling off. Or maybe it was the "gizmo" that holds a bird feeder on the stick. Can't remember for sure now. Or, maybe, you could use an endcap.

Here's a link showing the base and tray last spring.
Best wishes, Barbara.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bird Bath Base & Tray

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You can use a large pot saucer for the birdbath - or put a big saucer on top and plant things in it instead of using it as a bath at all.


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bigack(z6 WV)

I've had a marble covered bowling ball on mine for years, just left off enough marbles for the base to sit tight.

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you can use a birdbath base as a nightstand.use as a end table at side of couch.or at side of the fireplace.on patio for a small snack table.

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

Is the top large enough so that you could just rest a potted plant on it? Thanks Barb.....

That's what I've done. My snake plant (in an attractive glazed ceramic) goes out there each June. It's ensconsed in a narrow border at property edge (under a redbud tree).

Imagination is all that it takes.....

I also have a porch Pillar (rounded) post (that was discarded streetside by a neighbor as part of his renovation).

I painted it a garrish lilac (love it) and sunk that 8'er into another part of the garden. Each spring, my jasmine (in a 18" glazed ceramic pot) goes atop it. The jasmine aflower with it's cascading tendrils looks spectacular. It creates a little height and interest to that aspect of the garden

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